What does it mean to be ecological responsible?

You might have often heard the term, but what does it really mean to be ecologically-responsible? This just means that you know that you have done a lot of harm to the environment and that you are now actively taking measures to “do better”.

If you want to make this positive change in your life, here are some eco-friendly life hacks that you might want to start doing more of if you haven’t already.

Adjust your thermostat to reduce heating and cooling costs

If it is warm outside, use electric fans to help circulate the air in the room instead of lowering the temperature. When it is cold outside, adjust the heat a bit. It should be in a way where you will feel comfortable wearing a sweater indoors.

Use LED bulbs

In the past, you might have heard that you should use compact fluorescent lights instead of incandescent ones, but modern LED lights are brighter and use a lot less energy. Moreover, LED lights last a whole lot longer than CFLs, and they do not get that hot, so they will not be an additional heat load for your AC.

Turn your faucets into low-flow ones

You can do it simply by installing water aerators on the faucets. It will give the water coming out a lot more surface area, making it more effective at washing up. Also, fix leaking faucets and showers as soon as you notice them, and limit your showers to just five to ten minutes.

Get a washing machine with a spin dryer

You can then line-dry your clothes afterwards. Instead of getting a washing machine with a heater dryer, which uses quite a lot of water and electricity, get one of those tub washing machines.

Even though it might take a bit longer for you to wash and dry your clothes, you will be using significantly less water and electricity, plus your clothes will not be as “staticky”.

Use public transportation

Instead of taking your car, use public transportation whenever you can. A bus pass is much cheaper than filling up your car’s tank every week, and you will also not be adding to the already high amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Being ecologically responsible entails making a couple of significant sacrifices. You might need to give up a lot of your creature comforts, but if it means that you are doing your part in helping the planet heal, then it will be all worth it.

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