The most creatively designed spas in the world are built in a way that they can make their guests experience utmost relaxation from the moment they set foot into the place. You will immediately sense a nice and vibrant design, because it emanates harmony in all aspects.

The scent, music, décor, and color should contribute to telling the spa’s story while harmoniously setting the mood, making the experience of the guests more unforgettable and relaxing. Also, a spa’s design plays a major role in making the visit of guests more worthwhile.

The design does not just revolve around materials, colors, accessories, and aesthetics. It is actually more on creating an environment and structure that will encourage guests to come back. The following are just some of the most creatively designed spas in the world that will make you forget your worries because of their luxurious and relaxing experience:

ESPA, Singapore

Located over the well-manicured orchid mazes and gardens of Sentosa Island, Singapore, ESPA is known as the largest spa in the city. It is no doubt an urban oasis guaranteed to give guests the break they need from the daily stresses of the city. This spa was actually built through the collaborative works of Singaporean DP Architects and the company of the American architect, Michael Graves.

Among the features that make this luxurious spa unique are the bamboo ceilings and dark wooden structures. Especially the rock saunas, ice fountains, cold plunge pools, vitality pools, crystal steam rooms, and interlocking pools are remarkable. Your experience is further heightened by ESPA’s unique onsen-style pools and open-air treatment suites that are overlooking the sea.

Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Oman

The Al Jabal Al Akhdar is famous for being the highest spa retreats that you can find in Oman. It rests on a canyon rim found on the mountains in the Northern part of Oman. The incorporation of Islamic architecture and ancient rituals into its structure make this spa unique. Perfumed oils and incense infused all over the place spread a special flair.

The relaxation in this place is enhanced by the beautiful scenery around the place, including the rugged mountains and the natural and unique rock formations that remain unchanged throughout the year.

Eau Spa, Manalapan, Florida

Included in the list of the most beautifully designed spas in the world is the Eau Spa found in Florida. It boasts of its baroque-style structure and whimsical design. Among the things that guests of the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa love about this place are the waterfall benches, birdcage-like chairs, and a human-sized chess set. The uniquely designed wishing fountain of the spa is to be emphasized.

Thalasso del Forte, Italy

Built at the Forte Village Resort in Sardina, Italy, Thalasso del Forte continues to impress spa goers because of how uniquely and beautifully designed its overall structure is. It boasts of an Ayurveda park and thalassotherapy center, which main focus is on traditional Indian healing techniques. It functions more than just a regular hotel spa as many consider it as a full-blown “temple” of healing and wellness.

The spa provides 20 relaxing treatment rooms centered on 5 saline-dense pools and features water gymnastics, which is known to target a lot of health issues, including high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

St. Pancras Spa, London, England

St. Pancras Spa is famous for its Victorian architecture composed mainly of ached floor-to-ceiling windows as well as the wonderfully restored tiling derived from the originals discovered within the building. This spa in England was inspired by traditional relaxation and beauty rituals and practices all over the world. It offers treatments inspired by the “Journeys” concept.

All treatments offered by this spa are combined to create the “peacock” theme, which symbolizes rejuvenation and eternal life. You will also notice the bold and unique Victorian interiors in this spa that further improve its overall appeal. Another impressive feature that many people love in this luxurious location is the relaxation pool with Victorian tiling.

Dheva Spa & Wellness Center, Thailand

This spa center in Thailand boasts of its grand and luxurious design. It boasts of its 18 treatment rooms with authentic Thai silk decorations. It is a peaceful and quiet sanctuary filled with sacred animal sculptures and ornate moldings. The symbolic Buddhists themes, Asian antiques, marble tiles, and polished teakwood interior decorations integrated into this spa center are striking. Overall, the structure is unique and beautiful, making the Dheva Spa one of the most beautiful spas in the world today.

This article mentions only six of the many spa centres known for their unique and beautiful architecture and design. All these spa centres make a visit unforgettable not only for their impressive landscapes, but also for their inspiring and relaxing experiences.

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