Balance is more than just a physical ability, because it is an essential element of a healthy life in general. People have very different lifestyles, so some seem to struggle more than others to find life balance, a harmonic relation between career, family, friends, and other social events. Read in this article about the health benefits of a balanced life and why evenness in life starts with evenness within yourself.

Positive effects of a good life balance

Improved work performance

People who can calibrate work, private life, family, and other social events perform better at work than those who don’t. There are lunch break and rest periods in between work hours to relax body and mind. Having rest periods in between allows the brain to absorb more information and the body to work more efficiently. Regular physical activity improves brain functioning and can help decision making at work. The more you attend to your personal needs, the better you perform at work.

Improved health

Fatigue and stress at work can cause diseases. Stress, for example, can cause peptic ulcer disease and sleep disturbances. A lack of sleep and chronic stress have a negative effect on the immune system and make the body prone for infection. Maintaining life balance prevents work-related diseases.

Promotes personal growth

As people age, they strive for more personal growth and development. A healthy life balance allows you to achieve higher goals in life. Skills and other abilities are enhanced through socialization, different experience, and trying new hobbies which you need time for. People have a higher level of worth and satisfaction when they can do the things they love and which help them besides work.

Improved relationships

Spending time with people you value maintains healthy and long-lasting relationships. Stress, anxiety, and other work-related issues are often carried at home affecting personal relationships. With a balanced life, people can maintain healthy relationships because of less irritability and depression. The rewards of hard work are more fulfilling when you can share them with friends. Good friendships and relationships in return support career progression.

Increased focus

A good life balance reduces stress which helps you to work more focused and motivated. Job satisfaction is experienced, amongst others, when family, personal, and job requirements are being respected at the same time. When you have a good job and your supervisor understands your needs, your focus and motivation to accomplish daily tasks increase.

Self-determination and success

People have different lifestyles and values. When work and other aspects of life are based on your values, you will feel more self-determined. A healthy life balance enables you to enjoy life the way you want to. You will achieve the greatest successes if you not only focus to gain money and success, but if you harmonize working hours with all other aspects of your life.

Balance in daily life starts – where?

To find a more harmonic relation between career and private life seems to be impossible sometimes. Some authors even claim, that “work-life-balance” is a failed concept. Why are so many people pessimistic when it is about achieving more calmness and happiness in daily life?

Although many employers offer compensations, modern work structures and hours, it seems that an employer cannot offer enough to make your life more balanced. The problem with many life balance concepts is that they are too concerned with changes in your environment, not those that affect you and your human core. But you can make a big contribution by yourself if you want to live more balanced.

You must not underestimate the value of the changes that can take place within yourself. Many situations cause stress because you allow it. A better inner control and calmness can help you understand and enjoy your life better. And you’re a better decision maker and performer if you have a clear mind.

An optimum life balance begins with the will to find time for oneself, to concentrate, to relax and to learn more about body and mind. Easy-to-learn methods for every day are e.g. meditation, yoga or other relaxation exercises. Visit a yoga or relaxation class in your neighborhood and you will see that it is not so difficult to achieve a better life balance.

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