Why not thinking about to improve your eco friendly lifestyle today? We tend to neglect our planet. There are many methods we can play our parts to ensure the well-being of our planet, promote an eco friendly lifestyle and the safe habitation of the future generation. Upcoming tasks to safeguard our planet include:

Food Choices

There are numerous ways to reduce cost and negative impacts on the environment like processing, production, and even transportation. We can do this by patronizing local restaurants. Not only are they fresh, but they also aid in less use of fossils and additional packaging which is detrimental to the environment.

Conserve Water

With the non-stop increase in the world’s population, the demand for water keeps on soaring. This has caused there to be a shortage of water and not only in arid areas but also in suburbia areas. Maintenance of your lawn, your golf course also can cause water shortage in your environment.

Shop Less

Fast fashion is in season this period. However, it causes constant liter of clothing because of their lack of durability which in turn results in to damage the environment seeing that they do not break down easily. Before purchasing an outfit, question yourself as to whether such purchase is of utmost importance.

Alternative Transportation

In recent times, numerous electric cars are plying the road more than ever. If perhaps, you still use a car that runs on gas, it would be a wise idea to upgrade because car emissions pollute the air and drastically warms the planet.

Green Home Updates

Vertical gardening is a great measure if you live in your own house. Many larger residential projects, such as the “Bosco Verticale” in Milan, are already linked to vertical gardening as a concept from the very beginning.

This is because plants help to decrease temperature and filter the air. They also perform the work of sound barriers. Installing a solar panel in the home aids in decreasing our reliance or need for fossil fuels.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

You do not need to carry your items from the shop in a plastic bag, nor do you need to consume your drink through the use of plastic straws. Plastics keep on piling up in the ocean thereby causing havoc not only to the planet but to our health. For example, reusable bags and water bottles, and straws made from recyclable materials, such as bamboo.


It is our responsibility to take care of our planet and leave it in a good condition for future generations. Little lifestyle changes can go a long way in preserving our planet. Eating better, conserving water, and many more.

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