Online Corporate Wellness

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness is any activity or policy that hopes to encourage the healthy behavior of all employees in the workplace. It also aims to improve their overall wellness. These usually come in the form of specific programs that encourage, instruct, and motivate the participants to make themselves better.

Many corporate wellness programs provide fun and engaging challenges that motivate their participants to add more healthy activities into their daily routines, like walking more or eating healthy. Meanwhile, others help the participants quit or at least minimize their unhealthy habits, like smoking or alcoholism.

Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

This refers to a corporate wellness program that uses a whole-person approach to improving the participants’ well-being. If those who partook in this program find their purpose for living, they will more likely take action to find and sustain their well-being.

Basically, this program uses the power of purpose to inspire the employees to become better versions of themselves. Alyfe uses evidence-based solutions to empower participants in all aspects of well-being. They can do this onsite or online through group conference video calls.


Birmingham Software Design Incorporated (BSDI) is one of the leaders when it comes to health promotion. The company focuses on advanced web technologies and sophisticated algorithms regarding health promotion. It has been in operation for more than 25 years and it is still popular among progressive companies, hospitals/health systems, government offices, fitness professionals, and many others. BSDI produces feature-rich technologies that can help participants improve their daily habits for overall wellness.

CHC Wellness

CHC Wellness provides companies with proven strategies that can help the participants manage their health risks. It is beneficial for employers as it would result in reduced health coverage costs and significantly improved employee productivity. The solutions provided by CHC Wellness come from the extensive analysis of population risks and behaviors.

CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform

This is a sort of all-in-one wellness platform that already helped more than 2 million employees from all over the world. This wellness platform combines all corporate wellness programs, like health assessments, self-help programs, one-on-one life coaching, and many others. Participants can access the entire menu of activities via the CoreHealth online web app or on mobile applications.


These are only some of the absolute best corporate wellness platforms that are popular with the biggest companies in the world right now. If you are interested in improving the overall morale within the company, then these are the ones you can count on.

FAQ – Online Corporate Wellness

What is online corporate wellness?

Corporate wellness refers to a policy or activity, which motivates employees in a particular workplace to exhibit healthy behaviors. The main goal of implementing corporate wellness is to improve the general and overall health and wellness of the employees.

It usually comes in unique programs that focus on encouraging, instructing, and motivating participants to improve themselves and their work performance. With the increasing number of employees and workers who now work from home, the online version of corporate wellness has also become increasingly popular. It gives them access to programs that can support their physical and mental health regardless of where they work.

What are the benefits of taking part in online corporate wellness?

Joining online corporate wellness programs can provide a lot of benefits to participants and employees. For one, these programs can greatly support the physical and mental health of employees. Since the programs operate online, they are also easily accessible. Even employees who work from home can access online corporate wellness, which is a good thing in maintaining the excellent state of their physical and mental health.

An employer who offers online corporate wellness can also focus on helping and assisting employees in their attempts to remain healthy. The fact that the programs are online also means that all employees and participants will have a sort of solution to cope with the stresses caused by the pandemic.

Aside from that, other positive results of attending online corporate wellness programs include:

  • Improves employee productivity
  • Keeps employees engaged
  • Lowers costs of employee healthcare
  • Lowers the number of sick leaves and absenteeism
  • Improves focus, attention, and self-esteem of employees
  • Promotes higher job retention and satisfaction
  • Makes a lot of employees more conscious about their health

How can companies start with online corporate wellness?

The best way to start your online corporate wellness is to research digital platforms, specifically one that is effective in managing the program. As much as possible, avoid manual processes as those may only add to your HR department’s bulk of work, making the program less effective.

Look for an online platform capable of encouraging employees to track their progress, instead. It should help them manage their health and wellness goals on their own and redeem their rewards without any hassle. Basically, this online platform should be able to perform these functions:

  • Monitors milestones on a web interface accessible by the entire company – This will let employees see their own and those of their peers’ progress.
  • Makes it possible for others to comment on, like, and praise the health and wellness accomplishments of others
  • Rewards your workforce whenever they accomplish wellness challenges – The rewards should be easy to redeem and unique.
  • Curates rewards depending on the goals, needs, and values of your company
  • Offers a downloadable app, so employees can easily access the program
  • Incorporates other wellness platforms just in case you intend to expand the program

It is crucial to start your online corporate wellness with such a platform as it is what will contribute to your success in managing your employees’ wellness.

What should be included in your online corporate wellness programs?

  • Online workout program memberships
  • Biometric health screenings
  • Links to free workout resources
  • Productivity and wellness experts, like psychologists, doctors, and registered dietitians who will communicate with your employees
  • Newsletters and internal posting along with healthy recipes, fitness tips, and messaging

Moreover, it also helps for your online corporate wellness program to showcase any employee who exhibited positive results and changes in their health and wellness journey.

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