Online Corporate Wellness

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness is any activity or policy that hopes to encourage the healthy behavior of all employees in the workplace. It also aims to improve their overall wellness. These usually come in the form of specific programs that encourage, instruct, and motivate the participants to make themselves better.

Many corporate wellness programs provide fun and engaging challenges that motivate their participants to add more healthy activities into their daily routines, like walking more or eating healthy. Meanwhile, others help the participants quit or at least minimize their unhealthy habits, like smoking or alcoholism.

Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

This refers to a corporate wellness program that uses a whole-person approach to improving the participants’ well-being. If those who partook in this program find their purpose for living, they will more likely take action to find and sustain their well-being.

Basically, this program uses the power of purpose to inspire the employees to become better versions of themselves. Alyfe uses evidence-based solutions to empower participants in all aspects of well-being. They can do this onsite or online through group conference video calls.


Birmingham Software Design Incorporated (BSDI) is one of the leaders when it comes to health promotion. The company focuses on advanced web technologies and sophisticated algorithms regarding health promotion. It has been in operation for more than 25 years and it is still popular among progressive companies, hospitals/health systems, government offices, fitness professionals, and many others. BSDI produces feature-rich technologies that can help participants improve their daily habits for overall wellness.

CHC Wellness

CHC Wellness provides companies with proven strategies that can help the participants manage their health risks. It is beneficial for employers as it would result in reduced health coverage costs and significantly improved employee productivity. The solutions provided by CHC Wellness come from the extensive analysis of population risks and behaviors.

CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform

This is a sort of all-in-one wellness platform that already helped more than 2 million employees from all over the world. This wellness platform combines all corporate wellness programs, like health assessments, self-help programs, one-on-one life coaching, and many others. Participants can access the entire menu of activities via the CoreHealth online web app or on mobile applications.


These are only some of the absolute best corporate wellness platforms that are popular with the biggest companies in the world right now. If you are interested in improving the overall morale within the company, then these are the ones you can count on.

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