What are Online Tutorials and What can You Expect from them?

Online tutorials refer to programs that convey knowledge through the web. If you take up an online class or tutorial, then expect to be able to learn something wherever you are. Note that online tutorials often come in two versions – the paid and the free ones.

Regardless of which version you choose or the specific subject you want to learn, you can expect a lot of good things from online tutorials including but not limited to the following:


One thing you can expect from taking up reliable online tutorials is the high level of flexibility. The fact that it will be conducted online means that you can schedule it based on your preferences. It is so flexible that you can take your classes anytime and anywhere.

If you are working, then you no longer have to worry about your tutorials or training taking up your free time or robbing your weekends. You can even take the online tutorials during your coffee breaks. The only thing you need is a strong and reliable internet connection. This proves how flexible online tutorial is as far as time and effort are concerned.


If you decide to go for the paid online tutorial, then you do not have to worry as you do not have to pay a substantial amount for it. Note that in the online setting, you no longer have to spend more on physical copies of books and notes. You do not also need to pay for professors who are handling courses.

By deciding to take up classes and tutorials online, you can just save up notes and e-books, among many other digital sources of information in a hard drive. You can even get certifications online and be recognized for completing the course through social media and job posting sites.

Moreover, your online tutorial will let you save and access course materials, exam scores, and reference videos several times without any limit at all.

Constant Online Support

Another thing you can expect from online tutorials is constant support. You can always seek the help of educators, trainers, and a customer support team to guide you all throughout your training. Most of them are also good motivators.

You can always email them or interact with them in case you have questions and concerns. Most online tutorial providers also have chat support that you can access through their online learning portals.

Comfortable Learning Environment

The fact that most online tutorials allow you to study anytime and anywhere makes it possible for you to learn in the most comfortable environment. You can have the tutorial in a place that is most comfortable and suitable for you, like your home, a library, or a coffee shop. You just have to make sure that you pick a comfortable spot with a strong internet connection as well as minimal to zero distractions.


Mentioned are just some of the many things that you can expect from taking up online tutorials. With online tutorials, you can invest in yourself by improving your skills and learning a few things based on your most convenient time and place.

The 5 Best Online Tutorials

Do you want to learn a new skill? Then all you need nowadays is a stable internet connection, a device to connect online, and a subscription to any of these great online tutorial sites:


Udemy is the premier online education website that tops all the others out there. It is currently the most popular providing the highest number of online courses available. It has over 100,000 courses that cover a plethora of different topics. If you want to learn anything, then Udemy will surely have a course for you.

Some of these courses are offered for free while others are accessible for around $12 each. Udemy also lets you take your learning anywhere by downloading and installing their apps for mobile devices.


If you want to enroll in classes offered by over a hundred of the US’s top universities and other educational organizations, then check out Coursera. This online learning platform formed partnerships with the University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, just to name a few.

It has over 3,900 courses covering more than 180 fields of study, like computer sciences, engineering, and others. You can also download and install the Coursera mobile app, allowing you to study anywhere and learn at your own pace.


LinkedIn owns and operates Lynda.com, which is fast becoming a popular online tutorial website worldwide. This tutorial site is typically for professionals who want to learn additional skills. It has several courses to choose from, including computer animation, business administration, graphic design, and photography.

Open Culture

If you are on a tight budget but still want quality educational content, then Open Culture’s lineup of more than 1,300 courses, including 45,000+ hours of audio and video that are all completely free, is perfect for you.

Many courses offered on the website came from some of the leading educational institutions worldwide, including Stanford, MIT, and Yale.  Aside from the free courses, you can also sign up for certificate courses for just a nominal fee.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free online courses for everyone. It primarily focuses on providing tutorials for US students, but anyone who has a thirst for learning can access the site. It is appealing to a lot of those who are in search of online tutorials as it is not only free but also easily accessible.

It covers several subjects – among which are videos related to math, physics, biology, and chemistry. You can also find videos on the site related to finance, arts, economics, and humanities. Moreover, it lets you work and learn based on your own pace. It is even possible for you to rewind, forward, or repeat videos.  


Mentioned are only some of the best online tutorial sites you can use right now. Thanks to sites like these, there is absolutely no reason why you would want to forego learning a new skill and improve yourself.