One essential mineral supplement required by the body for optimal functioning is vitamin C. It is also called ascorbic acid and can be found in varieties of fruits such as oranges, strawberries, potatoes, black currants, broccoli, brussels sprout and so on.

Here are some of the benefits of vitamin C to your health:

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Vitamin C contains powerful anti-oxidants that helps to detoxify harmful substances in the body, thus, protecting the body from the risk of contracting chronic diseases such as diabetes, inflammation and other cardio related infections.

Boost immunity in the body

When a person’s immune system gets compromised, such an individual becomes vulnerable to several diseases. Vitamin C has been proven to boost the immune system because it aids the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes and phagocytes) whose responsibility is to protect the body from intruding infections and disease.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Several factors are responsible for heart diseases – factors such as; high blood pressure and presence of high triglyceride cells in the body. Vitamin C helps to decrease the risk of heart disease by decreasing blood pressure level. Also, the presence of anti-oxidants in vitamin C helps to eliminate triglyceride cells in the body. Several studies have linked vitamin C to reduced risk of heart disease in the body too.

Helps to manage high blood pressure

High blood pressure is responsible for stroke, cardiac arrests and other cardio-related diseases. Vitamin C has proven effective in the reduction of blood pressure in the body. When systolic or diastolic pressure, vitamin C can help reduce it, thus, normalizing the blood pressure level. As such, it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases that might be induced by high blood pressure.

Helps to prevent iron deficiency

Iron is an important nutrient needed by the body for the production of red blood cells. It also aids oxygen circulation in the body. Vitamin C helps the body to adsorb iron from every diet, as such, it prevents iron deficiency in the body.

Protects the memory too

Low levels of vitamin C in the body has been linked to memory disorder such as dementia. Usually, this condition is associated with old age. Vitamin C can help protect you from dementia which is responsible for retarded thinking and loss of memory as you grow older.

Other  health benefits that can be derived from vitamin C include reduction of blood urid acid levels in the body and the prevention of gout attacks.

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