Tired of only dreaming about paradise? If this resonates with you, then stay tuned because you’re in for a -very sunny- ride. We all want to have it all when it comes to relaxing and vacations, but where can one actually get that, you might ask: in the Caribbean, we might answer, and after this ranking of best 4 stars Beach Resorts and Spas, there will be no doubt before you grab your suitcase and leave on the first plane you find to these warm, exotic and breathtaking lands.

Tripadvisor.com has set a very appealing list, let’s check out the first 5 bests:

  • S Hotel Jamaica: Is one of the Traveler’s Choice, this beautiful Jamaican resort has all you need PLUS a GORGEOUS beach in front of the building, spa services (facials, massages), free breakfast, gym, pools, bars, and blue views for days.
  • Catalonia Santo Domingo: This is an amazing complex, almost skyscraper-look- with a lot of options of pools, spa, massages, restaurants, shops, and a really good price-service relation. The beach is right in front of the resort and the view is amazing, even more, if you book one of the highest rooms.
  • Tensing Pen Resort: this resort has a very particular design, since is almost a risk-type of construction, and the ocean waves literally crash in the entrance. It almost looks like a floating island, and the sunsets are breathtaking. It’s sounrounded by trees and nature at its best, so imagine being pampered in the spa, getting a pedicure, and all this before even doing the best thing yet: going to the beach!
  • Fairmont El San Juan Hotel: this resort has gone for the full “have it all” policy since they have more than just a couple of things to do. Snorkeling, yoga, spas, gyms, pools (yes, a lot of pools), a picnic area, a pub, special diets buffets,  happy hour… aren’t you convinced yet!? Well, then you should look for the pictures of the beach, you won’t be able to resist.
  • Hodelpa Gran Almirante Hotel & Casino: oh yeah, for casino lovers the Caribbean has also an amazing option. Just by parking outside you will feel like in a 50’s movies, it’s not the official theme but it sure has the charm of it. Lights and palms, this resort has everything you need to relax: spa, sauna, pools, massages, jacuzzis, you name it. The plus? An incredible casino for you to go and forget your problems away, and then a walk on the beach. Seriously, there is no better than this.

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