A healing method originated from China where finger pressure and massage is applied to physical energy points. Qi, which is an expression for life and vital energy, flows through “meridians” (natural pathways) in the human body. If the meridians are blocked, this energy can not flow. With pressure applied by hand, elbow or devices, this…



Originating from China (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM), this method involves inserting small needles into energy points positioned on energetic pathways (meridians) across the human body. A blockage of the energy flow “Qi” in this pathways can, according to TCM, cause discomfort and deseases. The goal of acupuncture is a restoration or improvement of “Qi” and…



Qi is a term from Asian health teachings and martial arts and can have different meanings. The essential meanings for «», which have been an inspiration for the foundation of this online magazine, are «vital energy» and «life force». The qi of the sun helps plants and animals to evolve, and your inner qi is…



Aromatherapy utilizes the fragrance of natural essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins, and flowers, to stimulate the senses and treat impaired wellbeing. This kind of therapy belongs to complementary medicine methods and has a wide use in common households, e.g. within massage oils, aroma bath essences or scented candles. Flavors have effects…



Qigong is a mind-body discipline originating from China, in which breathing, movement, concentration and meditation are used to develop body and mind and to optimize the Qi (energy) flows.


Yoga is a popular holistic mind-body discipline that uses special body postures (“asanas”), breath control and other techniques to stretch, condition and stabilize the body. Yoga promotes calmness, improves general health and heart-circulation and integrates meditation. Though it found its way in fitness centres with dynamic variations such as “Power Yoga”, originated from India centuries…