The importance of science to train effectively your fitness

Science is one of the most vital concepts you have to learn, especially when it comes to fitness. Of course, you can continue exercising even without considering the science behind your fitness journey, but it would help a lot if you knew the reasons behind the things you are doing. To give you some insights …

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What is Acupressure? Acupressure refers to a healing method, which involves sending outside signals inside the body that will trigger its self-healing or self-regulatory systems. Acupressure practitioners believe that in a healthy human body, Qi (life, vital energy) can flow freely through all its parts. However, when there are blockages in the natural pathways of …

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Originating from China (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM), this method involves inserting small needles into energy points positioned on energetic pathways (meridians) across the human body. A blockage of the energy flow “Qi” in this pathways can, according to TCM, cause discomfort and deseases. The goal of acupuncture is a restoration or improvement of “Qi” and …

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