What is the idea behind Qiii Media as Holistic Living Company?

What is the holistic living company Qiii Media about? Holistic living means paying attention to all aspects that have an impact on physical, mental and spiritual health. It includes not only the physical body, but also your emotions and spirituality. Being holistic means being aware that all these areas are connected and can influence each other. If you are looking for a holistic living company to help you understand this lifestyle, then you should follow Qiii Media. But what actually is the philosophy of “Qi“?

The philosophy of «Qi»

What are the Effects of Natural Energy Qi?

Qi is all about natural healing. Translated as life force energy, Qi forms a huge part of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the natural energy Qi, all energies come with their own sounds, colors, frequencies, and vibrations. The disharmony, imbalance, and distortion of the energy frequency inside your human cells can make your body unwell. It can lead to a lot of issues, particularly on your health.

What are the positive effects of maintaining the harmony of natural energy Qi? Here are just some of them:

Improves the quality of your sleep

One positive effect of a well-balanced qi is a better quality of sleep. Note that if your natural energy is properly balanced, then you can easily deal with your thoughts. You will also feel harmony, thereby preventing you from worrying too much and thinking of a lot of problems before you fall asleep. Aside from that, it can lower your stress level, which can further result in better sleep.

Improves the flow of energy all throughout your body

This positive effect will most likely occur once you try one of the most common ways to tap into your natural energy Qi, which is acupuncture. By putting needles across specific body points, you can break up any blockage to ensure that your Qi energy flows naturally. If you get that result, then you can also relieve yourself from stress as well as different forms of pain.

Better muscle control and posture

The proper control and restoration of your Qi energy can also bring balance and restoration that can boost your muscle control and improve your posture. This will most likely happen if you integrate moving meditation, which combines a set of exercises that mainly focus on posture and breathing, into your therapy. Here, you will most likely be doing deliberate and graceful steps that can strengthen your arms, back, glutes, legs, and core. The result is better circulation and the removal of blockages.

Maintains the proper balance of your body and mind

You also have to cultivate your natural Qi energy, instead of letting your body absorb negative energies. By doing that, you can maintain the proper balance of both your body and mind. It is also a big help in understanding how you can empty your thoughts. It lets you relax and improve your awareness not only of your Qi energy but also of your entire body.


Maintaining the balance of your Qi energy is indeed the key to improving your health and overall wellness. You will surely thank yourself upon seeing the positive effects of balancing and cultivating your Qi, especially as far as increasing your vitality and energy and balancing your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing are concerned. Furthermore, it can improve the quality of your life, particularly as you age, which is a good thing if you want to cultivate a positive attitude and a peaceful mind.

Qiii Media Online Magazine

Online Magazine

Qiii Media is an online magazine and information site, but also a network for fitness and health industry professionals. Qiii Media keeps you updated about topics, which influence in a holistic sense human health, energy and vitality. Topics cover for example holistic training methods, yoga and vegetarian nutrition, but also environmental and social topics. You can join e-learning courses or get involved in any other way in a growing health community.

Yoga & Wellness

Living holistically means eating more healthily and leading a healthier lifestyle. Qiii Media advises you on healthy lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and natural supplements that promote your health.

If you follow Qiii Media, you’ll get cooking tips and recipes that help make healthy eating easier and tastier. You’ll learn how to get used to the training and how to find the right training program for you.


There is only one world, and we all live in it together. All people need to connect more, especially in these times when life means haste and distance. Today it is easier than ever to stay connected. Qiii Media wants to connect people who want to make a difference.


Spirituality does not necessarily mean that you have to join a particular religion. Regardless of your religion or nationality, Qiii Media is your personal wellness magazine and will help you connect with yourself and grow as a person.

The consequence of a healthy lifestlye

To understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to think holistically. It is not only important that you eat well and exercise on a regular basis. It is also important that the environment is intact, because the environment influences much more than we realize. Healthy foods can only be produced in a clean environment. Only if you are not permanently exposed to harmful substances your body will stay healthy. The environment has as much impact on your health as diet and exercise.

qiii.media is a information site with a growing community. We offer sponsoring and advertisement opportunities for companies, services or products which share our values. Inquire to discuss advertisement opportunities with us!


Web content, Link exchange and digital marketing opportunities

Become a part of the qiii.media community and share or comment our articles! Please contact the editorial staff if you have questions, if you would like to write a contribution or exchange links. Please consider our philosophy and topics when sending in proposals and refer to a specific article, category, section or tag for your web content to be considered.

Fitness professionals, therapists and yoga teachers

As an expanding online magazine with a growing community we are constantly looking for other health professionals who want to support Qiii Media. Contributors such as Instagrammers or article authors, support us with digital marketing or create any other type of web content. Please be as specific as possible if you want to contribute something. We won`t accept spam messages or proposals which don`t suit our philosophy and topics. Thank you for your time and efforts.

 Code of conduct, suggestions and critics

Qiii Media is committed to a sporty, healthy, fair, successful and respectful approach as well as international exchange and understanding on the basis of these values. You are welcome to submit critics, questions, ideas or suggestions as long as your input is in accordance to these values. We look forward to hear from you!

Qiii Media Slogan

Qiii Media: Cuddle your life energy and let it flow!

FAQ: Online Fitness Magazine qiii.media

Which meanings can the word “Qi” have?

It can mean e.g. energy, breath, air, emotions, brain activity, ether, temperament, force or atmosphere.

Why the three  iii in the trademark qiii?

The three “iii” in the trademark qiiiTM symbolize the three important aspects common to all training disciplines and philosophies: movement, nutrition and meditation.

What are holistic training methods?

Holistic training methods see the person as a whole, with influences from inside and outside. Everything is connected, so a health problem can have several causes, e.g. a mental (stress) and physical cause (high blood pressure) at the same time. If you only treat the physical cause (medicine), it does not cure the health problem in a sustainable way. But if you cure both causes at the same time, e.g. with meditation and medicine, you solve the problem as a whole and the person gets well in a sustainable way.

Which are the topics of the online magazine qiii.media?

The topics of the online magazine qiii.media are health, holistic training methods, Yoga, vegetarian food and environment.

Why are environmental topics relevant for a health magazine?

According to holistic thinking, also the environment has an influence on human health. In a clean environment you can e.g. grow clean food, drink clean water, and breathe clean air. All these aspects have a big impact on human health.

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