How to Better Connect to Nature?

Establishing a strong connection with nature is the key to restoring the balance between humans and the natural world. A sense of connection with nature can help you keep it close to your heart. It can establish belongingness, making you feel like you naturally belong to this world.

The problem is that many people nowadays fail to connect with nature – what with the demands of daily life and the constant technological advancement. If you are one of those who want to restore your connection with nature, then here are simple yet effective ways to do so:

Meditate outdoors

Many are fully aware of how effective meditation is in calming one’s emotions and thoughts. It helps quiet down your thoughts, especially negative and chaotic ones. If you want to try it out, then make it a point to do it outdoors. It is a big help in feeling your connection with the environment. It is even possible for you to feel nature (ex. the tree where you are sitting or the tiny feet of beetles crawling on your hands).

Spend a few minutes walking outside

Have a silent walk outdoors to connect with nature. Ensure that you are opening up all your senses when doing so. This means you should allow yourself to hear, taste, feel, see, and smell what nature is giving you when taking a walk.

Walking silently will surprise you as you will realize that there are actually a lot of things about nature that you haven’t noticed before. You can smell the soil after a rain, hear the voices of birds, or feel the texture of sand on your feet. It is even possible for you to see shapes and colors you were unable to see before.

Start your own garden

If you have some time, then you may want to start your own garden. Growing and cultivating native plants will let you connect with nature while supporting your health. It can even lessen the number of times you visit the grocery, especially if your garden is full of plants that you can use for foods. Moreover, having your own garden can show your support to the wildlife habitat.


What is so great about stargazing is that it is a nostalgic and exciting means of admiring the universe as well as all the possibilities it has. It will let you connect with nature even more as it will remind you how your life is part of a huge picture developed by numerous worlds, even those you haven’t imagined.

Visit the beach

Note that water is the foundation of most living things on earth, so visiting the beach or any natural body of water is a wise move. The beach is beautiful, making you realize how great nature truly is. The sounds produced by water are also naturally soothing. Being on a beach is, therefore, a great way to relax and be in touch with nature.


There are many things that you can do to restore your connection with nature. Make it a habit to do any of the tips mentioned here, and you can finally reconnect with nature and maintain that bond for as long as you can.

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