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Losing weight should not be difficult, that`s why Qiii Media offers this weight loss online tutorial for free! Join now, and get started!

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Weight loss is challenging, but it should not be too hard. If you have been trying to lose weight for a while now, but you cannot seem to get any significant results, the reason may be that you don’t know your body as well as you thought you did. These articles will help you understand how your body works, particularly your metabolism. Step by step, quiz by quiz, you will gain more knowledge and know better how to drop some pounds in a healthy and sustainable way. Here you find the major topics of this free online weight loss class:

What is the metabolism?

Metabolism is the natural process that allows your body to convert the foods you eat into energy that it needs to function. It is a continuously ongoing process that does not stop. Even when you are asleep, your body is continuously metabolizing food and nutrients. The reason for this is that all your bodily functions require energy. The beating of your heart, the expansion and contraction of your lungs when you breathe, even blinking your eyes requires a certain amount of energy. Metabolism is the reason why you are alive.

The neat thing about metabolism is that you can use it to your advantage so that you can lose weight. The following articles will teach you the ways that you can use your body’s metabolism to make it more efficient and make it into a fat-burning machine.

You will learn more about metabolism in more detail – its inner workings, what causes it, and why it does what it does. You will also be learning about the factors that contribute to having a high basal metabolic rate (BMR), so you can figure out the things that you have been doing wrong and how you can correct them.  

When we are talking about raising metabolism, it is the BMR that we are referring to. Yes, you also burn a lot of calories when you are exercising, but to become an efficient metabolizing machine, you need to raise your BMR as well. This will let your metabolism continue working on overdrive even when you are not working out. This means you can just be sitting on the couch and watching TV, but your body is still metabolizing a huge deal of calories.

Training for improved metabolism

One of the things that you need to know is that you can train your body to improve your metabolism. Everyone knows that one of the ways to lose weight is to exercise, but what types of exercise should you be doing? This article will teach you how to train for endurance so your body will be able to burn through all the excess fat stored in it while preventing your body from storing it in the first place.

Why endurance? The first reason is that you need to develop more muscle. The reason is that more muscles also means that more muscle tissues will contribute to the body’s metabolic rate. Another reason why you need to train your endurance is that it will allow you to train harder and more often. This just means that your body will turn into an extremely efficient fat-burning machine. Having more endurance also means you will have more energy, not just physically, but also mentally.

Metabolism does not have a set rate. This means you can increase the rate that your body turns food into energy. Aside from training as mentioned above, many other factors can affect how your body efficiently metabolizes foods. Most of them you have control over and the rest are beyond you. The trick is to improve on the factors that you have control over, so they can compensate for the ones that you cannot do anything about.

This means that no matter what your age, you can always do something to make your body better able to metabolize food and prevent it from storing the extra energy as fat.That means you no longer have the age excuse to lean on when it comes to losing weight. You can do it. Not only will you be losing weight, but you will also be stronger and have more stamina than you ever did before.

Foods for a more efficient metabolism

It is also important that you eat the right kinds of foods if you want your metabolism to improve. It might come as no surprise that you will need to change your diet if you want to lose weight. However, although it does help a lot, you don’t need to limit your portions too much. You only need to eat more of the right kinds of food. There are many different foods that can help boost your metabolism. If you add more of them into your diet, it would be like they are metabolizing themselves.

You will be learning about the different kinds of foods that improve metabolism. You will also get to know about an effective technique that takes your body’s biorhythm, giving you an idea about the optimal time to eat. You will learn how to listen to your body and only eat when needed. You will also understand why following your biorhythm, instead of the clock when deciding when to eat will lead to a more efficient metabolism.

Why diets don’t work

You cannot talk about weight loss and not mention fad diets. These are the ones advertised all over television and on various social media platforms. They promise that you will be losing a lot of weight in just a short amount of time, and even without exercising.

The most important thing that you will learn about fad diets is that they do not work. Not only don’t fad diets work, but they can also be detrimental to your health. Most fad diets are just starving yourself or depriving your body of certain nutrients so that it will start metabolizing muscle tissue. It is just like you are eating yourself. Instead of fad diets, you will be learning about a healthier way to lose weight. It might not be quick, but it is sustainable and will not have any adverse effects on your health.

Understanding how metabolism works and how you can use it to your advantage will make significant and sustainable weight loss a reality. With the knowledge that you will gain from these articles, you will finally know where you need to put your focus on when it comes to training and dieting.

Join now and have fun! With best regards, your Qiii Media team.

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