How to make your travels more eco-friendly

Even when you are traveling, you can still do your part in helping the environment with eco-friendly products. Here are some of the best eco-friendly travel products that will change the way you go on holidays forever.

GoCup Travel Cup

You will never need to get a single-use plastic cup again when you have a GoCup. This cup is made of tough silicone and can fold down for maximum portability. It also comes with a lid and an integrated pill container when you need to bring along your medication.

LifeStraw Go

This is a reusable water bottle that comes with a replaceable, highly-efficient water filtering device. You no longer need to be afraid to drink the local water. It is because the LifeStraw Go can filter out the chlorine and other harmful chemicals, bacteria, and parasites. It can also remove the bad smell and taste from tap water.

Hydroflask Insulated Tumbler

Hydroflask tumblers are great because aside from coming in many different colors, they are also made of vacuum insulated steel, which can keep contents hot or cold for hours). They also come with interchangeable lids for hot and cold drinks. These tumblers come in 22 and 32-ounce sizes. In my opinion, the 22-oz is best for travel as it can fit in most suitcases.

Silicone Straws

Although there are many other types of reusable straws out there, silicone is one of the best because it feels comfortable. The material is also big enough for use on smoothies. It is very easy to clean, too.

Solar Phone Charger

If you like going on camping trips then you probably already know that in the woods, there are no convenient power outlets where you can charge your phone. Having a solar phone charger will ensure that your phone will always be fully charged wherever you go.

The great thing about this is that it also serves as a power bank. When it is fully charged, you can charge your phone several times over before you need to place it out in the sun again.

Lush Solid Toiletries

You do not need to bring bulky plastic containers when you have compact, solid toiletries from Lush. You can choose from a variety of eco-friendly offerings like shampoo and conditioner bars, solid perfumes, and even toothpaste.

These are just some of the many different eco-friendly travel accessories that you can buy today. You do not have to stop being eco-friendly when you are traveling with the help of these products.

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