If you live in an area that is bike-friendly, meaning there are plenty of bike lanes, then what is keeping you from ditching your usual daily commute and hopping on a bike? If you are looking for ways to practice environmental responsibility, riding a bike instead of your car is one of the best.

If you’re still on the fence about riding a bike, then the following points may help you make up your mind.

You’ll Be A Lot Healthier

Cycling is not just a way to get from point A to B, it is also a great way to get much-needed exercise. Rather than pay for an expensive gym membership, which you might not even use most of the time, use your bike as your primary means of transportation.

Aside from getting to where you need to go, you also strengthen your muscles and improve the health of your heart. You will also be improving your immune system, get rid of excess weight, and improve your lung health. Moreover, due to your brain releasing a lot of endorphins and adrenaline in your system, cycling will also improve your mood and mental health and even promote better sleep.

You Might Discover Hidden Gems in Your Neighborhood

The nice thing about riding a bike is that you can pretty much go wherever you want. You are not limited to roads like when you are riding a car. You can check out the local bike paths and forest trails. You can go off-road cycling or go down mountain bike paths. The possibilities are endless.

Cars cannot always take you to places that you did not know existed, there are places only a bike can reach.

It is the Ultimate Eco-friendly Form of Transportation

If you want an eco-friendly way to travel, your bicycle is the ultimate choice in that regard. You can go everywhere on your bike – to the bank, work, school, and anywhere you want. If by chance your destination is a bit too far to go on your bike, you can bring your bike on the train or the bus then continue riding from your stop until you reach your destination.

Aside from walking, there are no other means of travel that are more environmentally responsible than riding a bike. Not only are you doing your part in saving the environment, but you are also doing yourself a favor by getting plenty of exercises. You will also surely have fun when doing so.