Bags, coffee lids, to-go containers, and straws are just a few of the most common items that compose millions of tons of plastics polluting the oceans. If left unmanaged, this may threaten not only the environment and wildlife but also human health.

For you to become a major contributor to saving the planet, here are just some things you can do to reduce your plastic use:

Stop using plastic lids and straws

If possible, stop using plastic cup lids and straws every time you order foods and drinks in cafes and restaurants. If you prefer or rely on straws, then go for a reusable one. You can use those made of bamboo, stainless steel, and glass. The good thing about these reusable items is that you can conveniently buy them in package-free stores and online retailers.

Buy a water filter

A water filter is such a great investment if you often buy water in plastic containers. It allows you to lessen your use of plastic plus you can also save money along the process.

Bring a cloth back every time you shop

Every time you visit the grocery store or supermarket, do not forget to bring a reusable bag with you. It could be a cloth, wicker, or string bag. This simple tip is a big help in improving the health of the planet since it prevents you from using plastic bags.

Eat fruits as snacks

Instead of bringing snack packs with you, it helps to pack an orange, banana, or apple for your snack. It is a healthy snack guaranteed to fill you up. Having these fruits as snacks is also good for the environment since they do not have extra packaging. You may want to save the rinds, peels, and core of these fruits as you can use them for your compost bin.

Make a habit out of buying items in bulk

Encourage your friends and family to buy snacks, pasta, and cereals in a store’s bulk section. That way, you can work together and contribute towards avoiding the waste brought on by plastic packaging. You can just store these items in glass jars that you can reuse.

Find a refill station for your detergents

While it may be hard for you to prevent the use of plastic for some products, like laundry or dishwashing liquid, note that there is a significant increase in the number of places that allow the refilling of old bottles. Look for one in your locality so you can just have yours refilled and reduce your plastic consumption.

Avoid frozen foods

As much as possible, stop buying frozen foods. The main reason is that the packaging used in them is usually made of plastic. Even the ones that look like cardboard still have a thin plastic layer for their coating. Aside from helping the planet, you can also reduce your consumption of processed foods through this tip, which is good for your overall health.

Use cloth diapers

If you have a baby, then you can also help in reducing your use of plastic by going for cloth diapers. Note that the US alone discards several billion pounds of disposable diapers annually. By switching to cloth diapers, you can lessen the carbon footprint of your baby while also helping you save a significant amount of money.

It is not actually that hard to do your part in saving the planet. Reduce your daily use of plastic with the simple tips here and make the switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle.