„Ergomomics“ is derived from the greek words „ergon“ (work) und „nomos“ (Law) and describes a science which focusses on improving working conditions and materials for the human body.

This is a relevant topic in leisure time when you move (shopping, carrying, lifting) or get into positions like sitting (watching TV) or lying (sleeping) and also during work time when you get into contact with any kind of machine or tool.

It is important that you learn to keep a good posture during all of these activities. In this way you prevent injuries and muscle tensions in regions of the neck, back and joints as well as headaches and backpain.

A general problem are muscle tensions at the neck and slipped disks which are caused by wrong postures or long sitting at the desk. This is why you should prefer ergonomic furniture, in private as well as in office, and get used to regular movement breaks during work to relax strained shoulders and back.

If you want to improve your posture, you should get involved in a regular movement program which focusses on body consciousness and improving body posture as well as flexibility. Another possibility to avoid postural problems are ergonomical improvements during all activities.

„Product Ergonomics“ is an important part of ergonomics and focusses on the design of health preventive furniture and work tools, which can be a significant input for company health prevention and security at your work place.

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