Would you like to focus more on improving your health and fitness? By knowing the most discussed topics in the healthcare industry, you can find out which of them you can integrate into your everyday life to improve your health and well-being. Some of the most discussed fitness trends 2019 are the following:

Activity/Fitness Trackers

Smartwatches are widely used. Whether you’re using a GPS tracker, Apple Watch, or FitBit, these activity trackers are handy tools that let you track your daily activity and training results. These watches are designed to help you gather a lot of information, such as the specific amount of calories you’ve burned, your heart activity, training sessions you’ve completed, and steps or distances you’ve covered.
Some of these devices record sleep quality. The recently introduced ECG app for the Apple Watch Series 4 is even capable of producing an ECG-like measurement.

With an increasing number of people wanting to gather more information and data about their health and fitness, it’s not surprising that these trackers are among the biggest trends this year.

Online Workout Subscriptions

Another health and wellness trend this year is virtual coaching/training, which is provided through online offerings. Why have online training subscriptions become popular? It is useful for people who don’t have much time or who prefer offers that are flexible in terms of time and space for other reasons. In the morning at 5 am a short yoga session to wake up, and then off to work? No problem with an online yoga course.
With these online subscriptions you have the opportunity to receive personal training and fitness instructions without leaving home. It can be a great help to do regular physical activity. Regardless of the level of training, you should make sure that the exercises are performed correctly to prevent injuries.

The good thing about virtual courses is that they are usually cheaper than courses in the gym. This is another reason why online fitness training is considered a health trend with great potential.


The CBD trend picked up speed last year as hemp is treated generously by law in more and more regions. Increasingly, the health effects of the plant are being placed in the foreground.

This is the reason why more and more CBD products are offered on the international market, which alleviate certain diseases with natural ingredients. Future plant-based wellness? CBD, as a non-psychoactive derivative of hemp, began its successful journey to international markets as a component of various foods such as juice, ice cream and mineral water as well as tinctures and ointments for pain relief.

Whether the use of CBD will become mainstream remains an exciting question in 2019.

Technology-based Fertility Tracking

Tracking fertility with technology is gaining importance in the lives of many people. Many women have long regulated their family planning by closely monitoring the menstrual cycle. In the future, this will be easier and safer with appropriate technology.

For example, advanced trackers monitor fertility, current stress levels and sleep patterns, resting pulse and skin temperature. As this method of contraception becomes more reliable with technical support, it is highly likely to gain popularity in the coming years.

Food Delivery Services

Another current trend, which is intended to offer more comfort to those who want to stay fit, is so-called “food delivery services”. In hectic times, many people are looking for convenient ways to promote their health and wellness. For this reason, food delivery services have also become a trend.

This service offers the opportunity to enjoy fresh and healthy meals every day without spending time shopping in grocery stores, looking up recipes and cooking. Meals are prepared based on current health, dietary restrictions and fitness goals and can be organic, gluten-free or vegan.

Tongue Scraping

Also the “tongue scraping” known from Ayurveda has recently received a lot of attention. This technique is used for oral hygiene and helps to remove bacteria, dead cells, food residues and toxins from the surface of the tongue. These toxins are metabolic products that your digestive system excretes from the body via the tongue surface. Removal of these toxins promotes general health and has a positive effect on the immune and digestive systems.


2019 is an exciting year for the health and wellness industry. Many new trends emerged, and it is striking that they seem to be a mixture of old and new. Through technical support and the creation of modern services, the aim is to enable people with a full schedule to lead healthy lives. In this sense, one can only hope that meditation will also gain in importance, because sometimes nothing is healthier than conscious “doing nothing” without technical assistance.

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