Fitness Trends 2021

It’s no gainsaying that fitness took a turn for the better with the inception of the new normal. Though this development came suddenly and with all the gym houses on lock down at that point, it totally disrupted the fitness business. However, lessons have been learnt and it’s a good thing to witness several novel innovations in the fitness industry in the new year, all thanks to the new normal.

Here are the fitness trends 2021 which are expected to grow this year:

Virtual training

The realities of Covid 19 led to the sporadic explosion of on-line fitness platforms for both fitness enthusiasts and their trainers. We anticipate that just like last year, the trend of hosting workout sessions remotely is likely to continue in 2021.

The reason for this is not far-fetched, it basically boils down to the lingering presence of the deadly virus. Thus, many people will continue with their on-line gym and mobile apps sessions. Probably, when the tide is stilled, physical gym houses might open but we bet this would be a gradual process.

Personal training

Also, due to the present circumstances on ground, more people might opt for personal trainers who would be required to give them one-on-one training at the comfort of their home. Some trainees may even learn to work out by themselves or with loved ones while clinging to the internet for guide and assistance.

Wearable technology

Year 2021 would see more of creative wearable technological inventions. Although this technology started in recent times, we are optimistic that it would go a long way this year. More wearable fitness trackers that enables easy tracking of calorie, fitness goal and general wellbeing are expected to be improved upon and re-introduced into the market space. This trend is also likely to continue for a long time as it makes fitness easy.

More of exercising

Everyday, millions of people are becoming exposed to the therapeutic benefits of working out. As a result of this, more people are inspired to take up fitness challenges. Of course, there would be more of that this year, as exercise has proven to be effective for the maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing – more people are beginning to see this.

Embrace of holistic training

We anticipate that fitness enthusiast will embrace holistic training this year as the gap between body training and mind training is expected to shrink. So, this year, people would do more of Yoga and Pilate exercises which tends to train the body and mind simultaneously.

These and more are the expected trends in 2021. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop pursuing your fitness goals.

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