Flexibility is quite underrated amongst most individuals. However, it should not be so because all exercises should begin with stretches and end with stretches. This would aid in reducing the risk of developing injuries. Numerous types of exercises can aid in increasing your flexibility levels. Some of them include:

Hamstring Stretch

This is a superb exercise that can be done before going for a bike run or even riding. If you work on your calves while in the gym, you can perform this exercise after your workout. Stand straight while your arms are by your side, then bend to form a U-shape. Hold your ankle and maintain this position for about a minute.


This is performed immediately after working your upper body. It would be best if you stretched them in any way possible. You can perform this either while sitting or standing and place your hands above your head, attempting to reach your back. Try this out regularly at several intervals.


You can develop pain in your lower back if you do not maintain good posture while working out. Crossing the legs while sitting down can cause your hips to tighten. Place your knees and palms on the floor, then lower the hips to the level of your feet. Maintain this for a while before raising your hips outwards. This exercise is also recommended if you spend lots of time at the office.

Sitting Shoulder Stretch

This exercise aims to tackle the tension built in the upper part of the back. It is a great exercise to perform if you want to rest after a very stressful day. Place your butt and heels on the floor while putting your hands at the back of your head. Tighten the shoulder blades and maintain this position for about five seconds. This exercise is superb for your shoulder muscles.

Lunge Stretching Exercise

Various muscles in the body are subject to the knotting of which the quads and glutes are included. It is important to stretch these muscles, especially after a run. Place a knee on the ground while the other leg is planted in front of you. Push your torso forward and your hips to the floor. Maintain this position for a while and then alternate between your knees.


Flexing your muscles is very necessary. It reduces the tension in your muscles and decreases your chances of developing injuries drastically. There are lots of exercises which can help you become flexible. Some include hamstring stretch, triceps, ribbit, sitting shoulder stretch, and even lunge stretching exercises.

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