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Nutrition. Your fuel and the energy that keeps your body alive. Input, metabolism and output. The basis for thinking, focusing, performing and staying healthy. How much more reasons do you need to pay attention to this topic? Here are some posts that may interest you.

FAQ: Food

What is food safety?

Food safety refers to a set of practices and actions that are undertaken at every stage of food processing to ensure that all the food for human consumption is 100% safe and foodborne illnesses are avoided. Businesses that are involved in the food supply chain are normally required to adhere to a mix of local, national and international guidelines, laws and policies.

What is FAO?

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) main role is to help do away with hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity. Food safety is known to play an important role in helping FAO achieve its objectives.

What are the most popular foodborne illnesses?

Foodborne, also referred to as a foodborne disease or food poisoning, is very common but also preventable. Some of the most common foodborne germs include Salmonella, E.coli, Norovirus, Campylobacter and Listeria.

Why produce genetically modified (GM) foods?

The GM foods are normally developed and marketed since there are some perceived benefits either to the consumer or marketer of these foods.  The GM is meant to bring greater benefit in terms of nutritional value and durability and in lowering food prices. Most of the GM seed developers have been interested in having their products accepted by producers and this has prompted them to concentrate on innovations that can have direct benefits to farmers.

Improving crop protection is one of the main benefits of developing GM plants. Most of the genetically modified crops that are currently available in the market are geared towards increased crop protection level.

Are GM foods safe?

Various types of GM organisms do include different genes that are inserted in different ways. GM foods and their safety are assessed on a regular basis and it is not advisable to come up with general statements concerning the safety of all the GM foods.

Majority of the GM foods that are currently available in the international market have already passed safe assessments and their chances of presenting risks to human health are very low. There are also no effects on the health of humans that have been shown as a result of consumption of such types of foods.

What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning refers to an illness that is induced by taking beverages or food contaminated with harmful bacteria. With right conditions, there are millions of bacteria that can flourish in everyday and common foods. However, most of the food poisoning forms only last for a short time. There are certain foods infections that can make one feel sick for up to seven days or even more.

Is food hygiene at home important?

Food hygiene in the kitchen is very important and one can easily avoid food poisoning with good food hygiene. Having not experienced any ill effects in the past does not mean that you will never be affected by food poison in future. It is important to note that the elderly, sick and young who usually have weaker immune systems are the ones who are most susceptible to food poisoning.

What does a healthy diet mean?

“Balance” is one word that can be used to refer to a healthy diet. Although many factors are usually used to ensure a balanced diet, taking in enough nutritious food will encourage the promotion of better health. A wide variety of foods guarantees a wide range of minerals, nutrients and vitamins that are important for the body. Whenever one is either taking in too much or too little of certain elements, it can easily result in health issues. This explains why it is important for one to control and moderate their diet. For instance, fats are a necessary component in any diet, however, when they are in excess, it can cause health issues such as cardiovascular issues.

Is there any relationship between healthy eating and calories?

Calories are known to be a source of fuel to the human body. It is important that people refuel their energy supply by taking in food. However, several diets have termed calories as an enemy for ideal weight despite them being an important part of our lives. Any healthy man should target up to 2500 calories a day while their female counterparts should try and take 2000 calories a day to ensure healthy diet unless they are trying to lose weight. High-calorie foods, healthy or unhealthy, will always have high salt, fat or sugar amount. There are healthy foods which are naturally high in calorie levels and are always an important and nutritious component in any healthy diet.

Are foods containing sugar unhealthy?

Although sweet foods can be delicious, eating too much sugar is unhealthy. It is important to distinguish between artificial sugar supplement and natural sugar. For example, fruit contains natural sugar and is an important part of a balanced diet. This is why not all foods containing sugar are unhealthy.

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