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Why Cooking Vegan is Easy?

If you have always been curious about vegan nutrition, but you cannot bring yourself to pull the trigger on it is because you don’t think you can cook proper meals without using at least one kind of animal product, then you are wrong. It is actually quite easy to learn how to cook tasty vegan dishes that you can enjoy.

Here are some of the reasons why it is easy for anyone to cook vegan dishes:

Ingredients are easier to source

Because veganism has become more mainstream the past couple of years, it is now easier to find and buy vegan cooking ingredients than before. Almost all cities and towns nowadays have farmer’s markets during the weekends. There are even farmer’s markets that you can access every day.

You can also go online shopping for your cooking needs. Plenty of companies sell ingredients and spices that are completely 100% vegan so you do not even need to leave your home to shop for your food.

You do not need any special cooking tools

You do not need a fancy grill or smoker to prepare vegan recipes. If you have a couple of pots and pans, and maybe a basic wok, then you are good to go. You do not even need an oven since you can cook many delicious vegan dishes on the stovetop.

In fact, many vegan recipes are one-pot dishes. What it means is that you can cook everything in just one pot or pan. For instance, you can cook a lot of Asian vegetarian dishes in just one wok.

Cooking times are quite short

Since you will only be cooking vegetables, you can get them done within just a couple of minutes at a time. Unless you will be cooking beans and lentils that require simmering for a couple of hours, the average amount of time that you will be spending in the kitchen, including prep work, will be around thirty minutes.

You can find hundreds of thousands of recipes online

You do not need to spend money on expensive cookbooks anymore. It is possible for you to find certified vegan recipes on dozens of different websites online. Moreover, you can access websites that tell you where you can find all of the ingredients. To make things even easier, many different YouTube videos are now available that show step-by-step instructions on how to cook the said dishes.


There really is no reason to not go vegan nowadays. You should least give it a try and see if it is a good fit for you.

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