Can eating vegan help the environment?

Going vegan is not just good for your overall health. Would you believe that changing your lifestyle can also help contribute to the health of the environment? Here are some reasons why the planet will be better off if more people become vegans.

It can help combat world hunger

Did you know that almost 70% of the grains grown in the US is turned into livestock feed, and 83% of the world’s farmlands are exclusively for raising livestock animals?

If the same farmlands are just used for growing food for humans, then more people can be fed. And because more food can be grown on a patch of land, the need for clearing forests for more agricultural areas will be minimal.

It will help increase the amount of clean drinking water

Entire populations of people worldwide have very limited access to clean drinking water. Now, here’s the sad part. Livestock consumes more freshwater than anything else on the planet. In fact, raising a pound of beef consumes up to 200 times more water compared to raising a pound of vegetables.

Just replacing your usual Friday night roast chicken dinner with a hearty vegan chili or bean stew containing the same amount of proteins can help save more than 4,000 liters of water.

It helps reduce the planet’s overall energy consumption

Raising livestock animals takes a lot of energy. Energy is spent in their housing, the cultivation and production of food, and processing, refrigeration, and transport of meat and dairy products. 

In comparison, plant-based proteins use eight times less energy. If lesser energy needs to be produced, lesser greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere.

It helps to clean the air

Did you know that the world’s livestock produces more greenhouse gases than all the motorized vehicles in the world combined? Livestock farms produce a staggering amount of methane gas.

When it floats up into the atmosphere, it damages the ozone layer. On the other hand, raising plants helps clean the air and reverse the damage caused by greenhouse gases.

Replenishes the sea

Going vegan is also good for the sea and other bodies of water. Note that thousands of whales, porpoises, and dolphins die annually upon getting caught and trapped in fishing nets.

By practicing the vegan diet, you can avoid eating fish completely. You can contribute to saving some lives in the sea. You can help lessen the pressure on sea creatures who are trying to survive under the water.


Mentioned are just some of the many benefits that the world will gain if more people would just convert to veganism. When you change to a vegan lifestyle, you will not only be doing your body and health a favor but also contribute to saving the environment.