Strength training is an important element of all holistic workout plans because of its manifold health effects. It offers the opportunity for men and women of all ages to improve sport specific skills and health in general. Read through the article to get aware of the various health advantages of strength training.

Goals of strength training in a brief overview

  • You improve your strength for sport and daily movements
  • You optimize your coordination, movement and posture
  • You increase your physical energy
  • You control your weight
  • You enhance your health

Health effects of strength training

Improvement of strength basis for movements

Strength is a very important basis for any movement. Without physical strength you just can`t move. This is true as well for sportive movements as for your daily life. With an improvement of your strength you improve your movement capacity and efficiency.

Optimization of brain function, muscular coordination, movement and posture

With a well trained muscular system you have a better movement control. A continuous resistance training enhances the communication between mind and body, so that the mind sends its signals to the body faster. This results in an improved coordination, agility and higher speed of motion. Additionally, with trained muscles it will be easier for you to keep a good posture and a more harmonic appearance.

Increase of bone density and muscle mass

As we grow older, our bone density and muscle mass decrease. On the one hand you can slow down this aspect of human aging with strength training, on the other hand you can prevent injuries. Stronger bones don`t break that quickly and stronger muscles will protect and support your body better. Besides, a certain muscle mass makes you look better and healthier.

Upgrade of metabolism activity and physical energy

Your metabolism profits from a higher muscle mass. Muscles improve the activity and efficiency of your metabolism and enhance your overall energy level. You will be able to train more intensively, recover faster and in general to cope better with more intensive activity in less time. This will give you an advantage in everyday life, because your energy reserve is just higher and you don`t get tired that quickly.

General health prevention and weight control

Resistance training supports health prevention, because it decreases the risks for diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other cardiac diseases. It increases your energy stores, your body’s ability to fight external stress factors and also enriches rehabilitative training programs with boosting recovery processes. By improving your muscle mass, strength training increases the resting metabolic rate. This means it helps you to burn more calories, even if your body is at rest, and makes it easier for you to shed off redundant body fat and to improve your body composition.

Correction of muscular imbalances

A systematic resistance training routine is a very important tool to equalize muscle imbalances. Your body should be symmetrically trained, without certain muscles being much stronger than their counterparts. In everyday life, many people use certain muscle groups more than others. Within wrongly conceptualized strength training routines it can happen that whole muscle groups are stronger than others. To prevent pain and injuries, you should counterbalance this with a thoughtful resistance training routine.

Improvement of mood

A better strength can promote mental health and function as a natural medicine. It can cure depression, anxiety, and insomnia and help you to keep a healthy mind-body relationship.

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