Digital Detox

How do you wean yourself off too much technology and the internet?

Modern technology, including social media, has many benefits. Modern technology helps make work more efficient and connects people around the world. But too much technology, internet and social media, and what is commonly known as the ‘digital lifestyle’, can also be unhealthy. For example, screen radiation is unhealthy above a certain level. Reading and working on screens can also increase stress, reduce your alertness and cause insomnia. How do you organize a digital detox?

Here are some ways to approach a digital detox and to reduce your use of technology, the internet and social media.

Proactively schedule time each day to be away from all electronic screens

It’s impossible to avoid using electronic screens these days. We need to use screens every day to get our work done or to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family.

But take breaks several times a day to rest your eyes. Also, break the habit of checking your smartphone at every opportunity. The next post, the next message – sometimes you just need a break from all those updates from the big, endless digital world. Just put your phone down and take a “smartphone break” more often. Look around and relax.

Use a basic phone

One of the reasons many people around you are constantly distracted is because of smartphones. Smartphones have become so powerful that they can do almost everything that computers can do, including accessing the internet and social media platforms. That’s why you should consider downgrading your phone.

You can kick the social media habit by limiting your access to it. How do you do this? Many people have successfully switched to using very basic phones – phones that only have texting and calling features. This means that you can only access the internet and social media through your home computer. This helps with the transition and makes it easier to control.

Set a schedule to switch off your phone

Make it a rule to turn your phone off just before dinner and turn it back on the next morning. If you don’t want to go to extremes, you can simply turn on Do Not Disturb to turn off all notifications and automatically reject calls. Take advantage of all the features on your phone that can help you reduce mental stress.

Set a screen time limit

Most modern smartphones have a feature that allows you to limit your daily screen time. For example, you can limit the time you use your phone to about 8 hours a day. You can still take calls, but you cannot use your phone to browse social media.

If you want something more effective, buy one of these phone locks. They work like a safe for your phone. You lock your phone for a set time and can’t take it out in the meantime. But you can still receive calls, so you won’t miss important calls.

Set up phone free zones in your home

Restricting the use of devices doesn’t always work. In these cases, it’s better to physically disconnect from your device. Make it a habit to keep your phone off the dining room table and out of the bedroom.


These are simple and effective measures. But if you try any of them on yourself, you will find it hard to disconnect from electronic screens, the internet, news and social media. Just keep trying. It’s like exercise. You have to keep at it, keep trying. Gradually you will get used to your new routine. Once you get there, you will also feel the health benefits of limiting your use of electronic devices more often.

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