How can you maintain a healthy metabolism?

Metabolism refers to the specific process that lets your body convert fuel coming from all the foods you eat to energy. It plays a role in whether your body will use the converted fuel right away or store it first in your liver or muscle tissues as glycogen or any other body part as fat.

If you have a healthy metabolism, then it means that your body is capable of burning more calories, allowing you to lose excess weight easily and maintain a healthy weight. With that in mind, a healthy metabolism plays a huge role in your physical fitness.

Aside from helping you maintain a healthy weight and fit body, a healthy metabolism is also important as it can improve your mood and elevate your energy. If you are wondering how you can improve your metabolism and gain the benefits of a healthy one, then here are some tips:

Stay active

This means that even as you age, you still have to get yourself engaged in regular exercises or physical activities. Note that regular exercises can help keep your engine running. Every time you run, walk, or do other activities, you are also increasing the energy needs of your body, thereby increasing your metabolism.

Apart from the recommended 30-minute exercise every day, incorporate even slight movements and activities into your daily habits. These include walking more, using the stairs, or gardening. It is because even minor activities can contribute a lot to raising your metabolism or maintaining a healthy metabolic rate.

Limit portions when eating

This means you have to adhere to portion control. By doing that, you can prevent your metabolism from getting overly loaded with excess energy. Make sure that you are fully aware of portion eating.

A wise tip is to use a measuring cup and food scale to give you an idea of healthy meal portions. You may also use your hand as your guide in making proper portions. For instance, you can use your closed fist in measuring foods. It is because it is equivalent to one serving of fruit.

Another guideline is a cupped hand, which is equivalent to one serving of grains or cereal. An open palm, on the other hand, means one serving of meat. Using this as your guide will surely make you practice portion eating more effectively.

Drink green tea

Another way to raise your metabolism is to consume green tea regularly. This drink can promote healthy fat metabolism. It is also a healthy substitute for sugar-rich beverages. Drinking green tea regularly also promotes proper hydration. To maximize its positive effects on your metabolism, consider including around one to two cups of it into your daily diet.

Healthy Sleep

You can also maintain a healthy metabolism or improve it by getting enough sleep. It is because adequate sleep can maintain the proper balance of your hormones, thereby preventing overeating. Make it a point to lessen your stress level, too. Remember that disordered eating is just one of the most common effects of stress.

Stress Management

Unhealthy eating patterns caused by stress can hamper your metabolism. With that, practice some stress management techniques, like yoga, meditation, and proper breathing exercises, to gain relief from it and ensure that your metabolism at a healthy rate.


There are many benefits of taking care of keeping your metabolism healthy. Above you find a list of practical advises where to start and what to consider to support your health and your metabolism in the best possible way.

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