What are the Most Common Weight Loss Struggles?

Your journey to losing weight and ensuring that you stay on track can be quite a challenge. It is especially true if you lack the discipline and motivation to continue your weight loss journey.

If you are one of those who are struggling with weight loss, then take note that you can overcome most challenges with discipline, patience, and a bit of self-reflection. Awareness of the following common weight loss struggles and how you can overcome them can also be a big help.

Having Low Basal Metabolism

One struggle associated with losing weight is having a low basal metabolism. It is because this problem might cause you to burn fewer calories than those who have normal metabolic rate even if a similar diet is taken. Aside from that, having a slow metabolic rate might lead to fatigue, further resulting in your lack of motivation to exercise.

If you feel like your metabolism is below normal, then it is advisable to have your thyroid checked. If you have thyroid problems, then the right medication can help make your metabolic rate go back to normal, thereby assisting you in your weight loss journey, especially when it comes to increasing your physical activities.

Ineffective Exercise

Another struggle that you might encounter when trying to lose weight is ineffective workout. This happens when you only gain limited results even if you exercise regularly. If that’s the case, remember that you can make your workouts more effective by changing them from time to time.

Note that doing just one workout routine every time might cause ineffective results. It is important to have variety in your exercises. The level of difficulty and intensity should also be adjusted. Your goal is to make your workouts doable. However, once you feel like they are already too easy for you to do, you can start increasing their intensity or difficulty.

Lack of Proper Information Regarding Dieting

Keep in mind that one major part of your weight loss journey is a proper diet. It is the reason why you should be well-informed in this specific aspect before you start. Research the most common dieting misconceptions and the facts about them. Gather as much accurate information as you can about how to eat well.

Also, remember that there are certain factors like, food allergies, hydration issues, hormonal problems, and some conditions such as IBS that can greatly affect the result of your dieting and weight loss efforts.

Lack of Support

You may also struggle with weight loss if you were unable to get the support you are hoping for. You may feel like you are all alone on the journey. There are even times when you feel so bad about yourself if you were unable to achieve your weight loss goal.

With that in mind, try to build a support group before you begin any weight loss effort. You can even choose to work with a weight loss expert or a nutritionist to gain support. With a good support system, you can further motivate yourself to reach your target weight.


While trying to lose weight can be a long and challenging process, remember that with the right mindset, you will still be able to achieve great results. Learn the most common challenges you might encounter beforehand. You should then set an action plan to overcome such challenges. That way, you can lessen or even eliminate your weight loss struggles and get the results you want in no time.