Healthy back in home office

Home office is not that bad: how to keep your back healthy

There might be a lot of perks in working from home, but one of them is not our body health. However, there are a few things we can do to make our backs livingroom-chair resistant, and excise at the same time, so we don’t feel like our muscles are ripping our life out of our bodies when we get up. These are easier and more helpful than you think. Don’t underestimate movement during your workday.

The first thing is the elephant in the room, or better said… the chair. Some homeworkers have the opportunity to have one ergonomic and big chair designed to pamper our backs and help us through the day, but some others don’t. If you are in the second group, try to look for as many pillows as you have because, yes, this ancient but magnificent grandma-improvised comfort is here to stay. Even if you do have a big chair, this can help you too. It is really important that you are not so far from your computer, so use the pillows to make volume to reach the border of the desk. This is supposed to be a push-like comfort, so make sure to be more aligned with the desk rather than pushed to it.

Another thing that has proved good for our backs is getting up from time to time and walk. Actually, walk. If you live in a building and the apartment is not so big, go to the hallway. In the case of houses, go out to the street, circle the house, and go back in. Muscles need to move, staying still is one of the worst ways of doing home office.

Try, whenever you come back to the seat, to use its sides to support your body from crashing into the chair. This hurts our backs so remember to sit slowly. As possible, maintain the posture as straight as you can, resting in your pillows or ergonomic support.

Finally, one thing that we still take for granted is our computers. Adjusting the brightness is key so the eyes don’t go tired quickly and keep them separated from the screen. From time to time, look up, to your kitchen, your window, your partner, drink something to keep the energy up, be healthy about home office, distractions are okay and very much necessary. Take a space and make it your own, it’s an amazing opportunity to create an environment that can keep you motivated and healthy at the same time. Don’t be afraid to try!

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