Organize your healthy food during the week without going crazy

One of the most annoying things is, probably, realizing you haven’t cooked during the weekend and now, on a Sunday night, you have to do it so you have meals for work time. Even doing home office, being absolutely realistic, not a lot of people have time to use the lunch break and turn it into cook-the-lunch-break. But don’t panic, there are a lot of ways to improvise and make this a very easy (and still delicious) task.

The first tip is to think about the immediate time: how much do I actually have to cook?  And, along with this, try to focus on the first two busy days of the week. This will ease the anxiety that organizing food brings along or, in case you don’t have it, it’ll make things easier to figure out. It is no secret that food that can multiplicate easy and fast is the first go-to option, so try to make at least, one of the sides of these foods. Don’t complicate it, use rice, (our favorite is basmati, but any type you like), mash potato (can be sweet too!) or a good, rich and fast salad. With this last one, just select your veggies and refrigerate them in a bowl so they a ready to be seasoned.

Another thing that is very important to consider is how can some foods or ingredients  last fresh for long. This is why we don’t season salads until the moment we’re going to eat them, but this also applies to fruits, vinaigrettes, and vegan versions of meat or chicken. So, try not to include more than 1 of these elements if you don’t have much time. For example, if you have rice and a vegan piece of meat, mix it with something that stays dry enough so the freshness of the rest of the food stays high in the fridge during the week. An avocado is always a good option since you can eat it right from the shell, or some sauté veggies. Anything that can exist in a bowl with other things will do.

Now, some important clarification here is the one about how the food can be maintained. Some people use separate containers so they have the absolute ready-to-eat meals and some others use general containers for one type of food and then assemble them (this in case you’re still doing home office). The first one may be more practical, since you can only take it out and eat it!

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