2020 has been a very eventful year. Since its beginning, we’ve had to deal with a lot of news and events that have shaken the world to its core and have also made it take a step back and slow down. The main event? COVID-19. This pandemic has changed not only our lives, but the world’s dynamic, and health has now become a number one topic in every conversation, and leading a heathy lifestyle is trending.

This new subject brings to the table absolutely everything involving wellbeing, from physical to mental health, stepping into each category: people with long term diseases, people with no diseases, old people, young people, middle-aged folks. How do we ALL deal with anxiety, our diets, our routines, our lifestyles?  Because of this, and much more, is important to know how the healthy trends have changed for the new year coming, and take the best we can from them to make our lives a lot better during the future events to come.

The top 5 choices for better living-styles are the following

(according to luxurylifestylemag.co.uk)

Flexitarian diet

food has been one of the main topics these last couple of years since animal cruelty is (finally) no longer tolerated in a lot of places. However, not everybody is ready to go full plant-based yet, and there are ways to eat meat without hurting any animal in any way (if free-range meat vendors actually comply with the regulations that all countries should make legal),  and that’s how this new “group” comes in: people who eat more vegetables but include some ways of meat into their diets.

More vaping, fewer cigarettes

also in the public eye is the habit of smoking and its possible substitution, the vape. This new trend is meant to help smokers quit, but it not that easy. It’s not recommended to vape if you’re never done it before, and if you have tried cigarettes, do not combine the two. Of course, what would be ideal if you want to quit smoking would be to do it with professional guidance that can inform you how to do it and also what benefits will vaping bring.

Mental Health

this has been kind of a taboo subject for years, and it’s finally coming out of its shell. Confinement has taught us that our brain is also an organ, and not just thoughts floating, and we must take care of it. Despite being similar, everybody has completely different approaches to life, and feelings might be alike, but never the same. Therapy has become a hot topic and the biggest breakthrough, and people realized how important and normal it is to talk and embrace our feelings.

Fitness Online

of course, another direct consequence of lockdown.  A lot of people found a way to exercise at home, at this is just going on the rise, since it could be cheaper and, for some, easier to just turn on the computer and dance their shyness away in the living room.

CBD and its benefits

another neglected subject, CBD is now making its way to our lives to only make it better. It is set to be distributed in drops or any other medicinal form to deal with anxiety and other aspects of health that include migraines, heart conditions, or even tension. CBD has finally breakthrough and so has the taboo around its conversation, so stay tuned and be prepared amazed, because next year is about to be just as innovative as this one.

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