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How can you keep motivated to workout at home? See these tips!

Exercising at home is difficult, let’s accept that. In fact, by doing so, we are one step closer to create the habit of working out outside of the gym. One of the principles to make things happen is being honest with what we can do, and this applies to fitness and health as well. If you are someone who exercises regularly, changing the environment can be challenging or overwhelming, so taking small steps at a time can help you achieve realistic goals, and if you are starting your fitness project, this will be even more helpful. Set small goals, don’t rush, and enjoy whatever you can do that day.

Motivation, a lot of the time, comes from achievement, so study the space at home and set the best one for you to work out in. This may take some time, or maybe not, that’s why having patience is also key. Having your own space, organized the way you like, will set the tone off for a good start, and so motivation will kick in.

Mornings might be a good example. A lot of people try to do their most at an early hour, the energy is high, fresh, and at its full capacity to do stuff, so they try to take advantage of it. Prioritize the most important/ difficult tasks for these hours, and after you finish, you will feel better. Try to find your best energy hour. Some people do better at night, or during the afternoon. Save your best mood to do your most.

This has been a very rough year, so try to not punish yourself if you don’t get as much done as you’d like. You have time, take it easy, a lot is changing, is necessary to be gentle with ourselves. Nevertheless, some people are really organized and determined to do one thing, one particular day. For this, you should know: motivation has nothing to do with discipline. Sometimes a person doesn’t have enough to find motivation, but discipline is something we can control. Don’t stop yourself from doing things (if it is really important to get them done): get up, get dressed, and be disciplined, motivation will find you along the way, and it will be worth it.

Lastly, another good way of boosting your mood is not thinking in long term. Whenever the time to exercise is getting close, don’t think about you having to change into other clothes, or that you’re at home and maybe it’s not as fun, or in how toned you want to be right away, but how you’re going to feel after the workout. Acomplished? Satisfied? Proud? Motivated? Probably all of them, right?

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