Losing weight is unfortunately a constant theme for many people, and many people think that their weight loss days need to be perfect to lose body fat. This is what advertisement often makes us believe, but which is in fact far from reality. Small changes in your daily life also can make a difference, and this changes start where all action comes from: in your mind. Find in this article a brief overview how your attitude can help you with weight loss.

Your attitude is a key factor for weight loss

Slight changes in your attitude, focus and persistance can already help to start losing weight. Habitual changes are hard work and take time. Be patient with yourself and keep your motivation up, because improving habits will help you to make your daily lifestyle more healthy. Here are some examples for changes in your daily lifestyle, which make a difference on the scale:

  • Integrate more activities (going for a walk after dinner, taking the stairs, walking to the next bus stop by feet) and meditation into your daily live
  • Grow your health knowledge with books, magazines, websites and social media. Print articles, pictures or illustrations which inspire you and pin them on a visible location in your home
  • Inform yourself thoroughly about health consequences of unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking, drinking of alcohol, lack of movement). This will increase your awareness for a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn how to cook and eat fresh, natural and healthy and make it a daily habit
  • Prepare healthy food for on the go instead of buying convenience food from the supermarket
  • Keep track of your progress with a training journal and pictures of yourself. Before/after pictures can be very motivating when you see your progress
  • Learn how to motivate yourself to change and keep going

What is your motivation to lose weight?

Meditation can help you to understand yourself, your life and your motivations better (here you can read more about positive effects of meditation). Do you want to improve your movements, release your back pain or just lose some kilos? Here is a quick start guide:

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet place
  • Close your eyes and calm your breath
  • Feel your breath and imagine it flowing through your nostrils in and out
  • Listen inside yourself and watch your thoughts
  • Let thoughts and feelings pass by
  • Do this for a few minutes, and you will feel more relaxed and calm
  • The more experienced you are with meditation, the easier it will be to relax and let go
  • With a clear mind you can concentrate better on evaluating your life and motivations. Ask yourself what you really want and be patient to answer this question

Why does the day not have to be perfect for you to lose weight?

Nobody is perfect and that is not necessary. However, as already mentioned, there are several factors that promote weight loss, and others that are counterproductive. You need to create a healthy day-to-day life that leaves room for individual “mistakes” or “weaknesses” to find a strategy that fits in with your life and works for you personally.

Here are some examples for habits, which are definitely not promoting weight loss, but which do not need to be counterproductive:

  • Going with friends to a pub or wine bar and having too many drinks
  • Eating fast food or pizza
  • Freaking out in «candy land»
  • Spending your leisure time in front of your TV without moving an inch

The best thing your can do is getting used to enjoying in moderation. In general it is ok to do such things once a week, because so called «cheating days» can help to keep motivated when following a weight loss program. But also on your cheating days you should try to consume in moderation. If you see that your scale display is not improving, maybe your cheating day still is too extreme. Take responsibility for your health and you will make progress!

In the following section you will find an overview of the most important aspects for a slim, healthy and a fit everyday life:

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