How can you be an eco-minded athlete?

Being an eco-minded athlete can be difficult, but it is far from impossible. If you want to become a more environmentally friendly athlete, then you just need to heed the following simple tips.

Use gear from environmentally-friendly companies

One of the easiest ways to become an eco-friendly athlete is to procure sportswear and other gear from environmentally-responsible companies. You need to do your own research to find out which sporting goods companies are doing their part in protecting the environment.

For instance, Wilson Sporting Goods has Rebound basketball, which is 40% recycled rubber, and its packaging is made mostly out of recycled materials.

Drink from a reusable water bottle

Whether you are training or competing, make sure that you steer clear from disposable plastic water bottles. Only drink your water or sports drink from an earth-friendly glass water bottle. If you want to keep your drinks warm or cold, then you can use those drinking bottles made of insulated metal.

Although drinking from plastic water bottles are convenient, the plastic waste that you produce will stay in the landfills for hundreds of years without decomposing. You might think that it is okay if you just reuse the plastic bottle, but it is not. After a while, chemicals from the plastic will start leeching into your water, which will then negatively affect your health.

Consider training outdoors

Instead of going to the gym to train, why not use what is around you instead? For instance, train in the park playground while the kids are still in school. Use the monkey bars for pull-ups and inverted crunches. You can also just run around the neighborhood instead of on a treadmill. Why pay for a gym when you already have all the equipment that you need all around you?

Do not cause damage to the environment when trail running

Trail running is a great way to get your cardio workout, but do your best to stick to the already established trail to avoid damaging the environment. Be careful not to crush any plants or break any branches. Try to leave the nature trail in the same condition.

Walk or bike to work if possible

Lastly, if you are going to work, hop on your bike or jog to work instead of taking your car or the bus. If your place of work is close enough and you have a shower room, then this tip will help you train your cardio, save money, and help the environment.


With the aid of these simple tips, practicing eco-conscious sport is surely possible. You will surely feel proud of yourself once you realize how your eco-conscious and eco-friendly way of doing the sport you love makes a great impact on the environment.

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