Workout boredom is a common problem even among those who love to exercise. It often happens when you have already developed a routine with your workout, allowing you to do just the same exercise at the same time and day.

If you experience boredom with your workout routine, then it could be a sign that your present program already needs a facelift. What can you do to avoid getting bored with your exercises?

Change your environment

A simple yet effective way of integrating some variety into your routine is to make some changes to the area where you exercise. If you have been exercising in your garage or living room for a while and you started to get bored with it, then maybe it is time to set your workout area somewhere else. You may even choose to exercise outdoors.

If you work out in a gym, then try a new machine or another area within the facility. The simple act of changing your environment is often enough to add more fun and excitement to your routines. You can even use movements as a means of exploring your neighborhood by bike or on foot. A change in scenery will surely bring back your interest in exercising.

Change your routines

Another quick solution for workout boredom is to change your routine. You can also easily put this solution into action. For instance, if you are already used to exercising on the treadmill, leading to your boredom, try using another machine, like a stair climber or elliptical machine.

If you constantly use weight machines, then maybe it is time to use free weights. It can also benefit you to look for another path as you take a walk or go for a run outdoors. If you have been delaying your interest to take part in a yoga class, then take your chance to enroll in one now. Remember that numerous workout programs are available for you, so avoid limiting yourself.

Incorporate intervals into your routine

You can also add more fun and excitement to your usual routines by incorporating some intervals. For instance, your usual cardio workout will become more interesting with high-intensity intervals. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) refers to a technique that requires you to alternate intense periods of extreme effort then follow it up with a short period of recovery. Integrating this technique into your routines can also benefit you as it can promote a higher calorie burn while boosting your metabolism.

Attend a group class

Signing up for a group workout class is also an effective way of escaping from your workout rut. Whether the class is for yoga, kickboxing, bootcamp, or barre, being in a group can integrate more fun and variety into your routine.

Another advantage is that this class can give you a group mentality that serves as additional motivation. This means that you will be less prone to slack off if you surround yourself with other people who also have the same interest as you.

Set a new goal

Note that workout boredom may also be brought on by unclear direction or lack of challenge. For instance, the same program that you have been doing for a while may cause you to look at its entirety as too easy. It could also be that you have already reached a plateau.

In those instances, you can restore your passion for exercising by setting a new goal – one that excites and challenges you. It could be doing a new program, an unassisted pull-up, or an extended plank hold. You may also want to beat your usual record of burpees. Set any goal that will entice your passion and motivation again.


It may be hard to keep boredom at bay, especially if you think about how challenging it is to motivate yourself to stick to a workout schedule. But with the tips here, you will at least be able to fight it. Try focusing on the result you intend to get as it will also be the key to motivating yourself and fighting boredom.

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