Now that most countries are slowly opening up establishments and the economy, you may have been itching to go back to your usual routines, including working out in an actual gym or fitness center. However, it is still crucial to remind yourself that the pandemic is still not over, so you should still try to protect yourself from the virus.

How can you ensure that you keep yourself safe from the virus once you decide to go back to the gym? Here are some tips:

Invest in your own essentials

One essential that you should bring is a mat. Avoid using the mats in gyms or fitness centers as they may still carry some viruses and germs. Since the pandemic is still not over, it would be much better if you carry your own essentials. Never use communal mats as much as possible. Other necessities that you may want to bring are towels and water bottles.

Wipe down fitness tools and equipment before each use

It is also advisable to keep your fitness tools and equipment as clean as possible. Make sure to wipe them down before each use. This will prevent being in contact with germs and viruses that may carry diseases. Disinfecting the machines is essential for your safety, too.

Avoid putting your water bottle or bag directly on the floor

While it is a common habit to put a gym bag on the floor when working out, this should be avoided at present. The reason is that it may cause the spread of germs and viruses on the floor. It also helps to stay away from high-traffic areas, including the locker room.

The same is true for moist and wet areas, steam rooms, saunas, and shower rooms as they are breeding grounds for germs. If possible, shower in your home after your workout. Do not linger on your dirty and sweaty gym clothes after a workout, too.

Do not visit the gym during peak times

It helps to visit the gym when it is no longer too crowded, so make it a point to determine its peak times. Have your workouts and classes scheduled out of the peak hours.

Before attending fitness classes for groups, it also helps to ask and research about the health and hygiene protocols being implemented. Ensure that the guidelines comprise social distancing, less crowd, and use of individual fitness equipment.

Do not forget to practice good hand hygiene

Use soap and water to wash your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds after using a fitness machine or equipment. Sanitize using a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. Stop the habit of touching your face. This will prevent you from exposing yourself to a possible virus.

Keep the distance

Correctly working out will cause you to breathe hard and sweat out. This is the reason why you should maintain more than 6 feet distance from the others. That way, you can prevent breathing on the people around you.

Fortunately, several establishments now try to minimize the number of occupants in their spaces to ensure that social distancing protocols are followed. Make sure to follow the rules so you can protect yourself and ensure that everyone around you feels comfortable.

Read and follow the signs

It could be that a certain part of a fitness center or gym is marked with a closed sign. It could also be that a certain machine has been marked with not for use or an “X” so no one will use it. Follow the signs in gyms and fitness centers. Remember that everyone in the gym exerts a lot of effort in keeping everything usable and clean, so it helps to follow directions while inside the facility.

Practice patience

Some gyms nowadays also have special cleaning breaks or limited hours for operation. This may be inconvenient for some but it pays to practice patience. Remember that gyms and fitness centers do this to keep members safe. This is also necessary so they will have enough time to clean, disinfect, and restock their supplies, making it possible for them to open up their doors for more members.

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