Do you know the fun and health benefits of hoola hoop? The hula hoop is not just for kids. It is also something that teens and adults can do for fun and fitness purposes. The good thing about the simple hula hoop is that it can integrate more fun into your fitness routine. Hula hooping can also provide you with an incredible workout. Here are just many of the fun benefits of hula hooping that are also good for your health:

Burns calories

It is even possible for women to burn around 165 calories within just thirty minutes of using the hula hoop. Men, on the other hand, can burn around 200 calories within the same time frame. You can compare it to doing certain aerobic activities, like walking for around four and a half miles per hour and ballroom dancing.

Reduces belly or abdominal fat

Hula hooping is also a great and fun workout if you are aiming to reduce your belly fat. It can provide such a benefit as it lets your stomach move in a circular motion. It targets the abdominal or stomach fat, which is helpful in burning and losing it. To achieve maximum results in that area, spend at least half an hour daily doing the hula hoop.

Stimulates endorphin production in the brain

Endorphins refer to the chemical compounds produced by your lower brain’s glands. These endorphins are essential as they can greatly affect your level of happiness and comfort. The increased endorphin production brought on by hula hooping can significantly improve your happiness and mood, which is also a big help in relieving depression and stress.

Improves core muscle mass

This fun activity also requires activating your core muscles to ensure that the hula hoop remains moving around your hips. It can, therefore, work out your core muscles, which is helpful in strengthening the muscles surrounding your midsection.

Improves cardiovascular health

As a form of aerobic exercise, expect hula hooping to target your lungs and heart when you are working out. It can, therefore, improve the oxygen flow through your entire body. With that, expect it to be a big help in lowering your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. The workout also aids in improving good cholesterol levels, reducing stress, and stimulating good brain function.

Upon settling on a steadier rhythm with your hula hoop, you will notice your heart rate increasing and your lungs working harder. This can improve your blood flow, which lets you stay in the aerobic zone longer for calorie-burning and better heart health.


The use of a hula hoop for working out is indeed a great way to start your journey towards better health and fitness. What is even better about it is that it is portable and inexpensive, allowing you to do it anywhere you want, like in your garage, front yard, or living room.

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