Overtime, man’s attitude towards the environment can be regarded as untoward; consequently, resulting in devastating aftermaths such as flood, wild fire, carbon mono-oxide poisoning and the likes with attendant death, health impairment and destruction of property. It suffices to say then that, the importance of the environment to human sustainability cannot be overemphasized.

As a matter of fact, our environment is at the centre of our survival. This underscores why issues relating to the environment are treated with utmost concern and not disregarded as they influence economic activities and governmental policies too.

Here are some environmental issues that have risen to alarming proportions in the year 2021:

Global Warming and Climate Change

In recent times, the foremost issue when it comes to the environment has been global warming and climate change. It’s no longer news that the earth’s temperature keeps rising as a result of human socio-economic activities such as burning and release of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Its effect has been profoundly disastrous on the whole planet as there have incidences of wild hurricanes, melting glaciers and calamitous blazes. Despite the effort of government, scientists, researchers and climate experts all over the world, it is regrettable that issues about global warming and climate change will continue to be a major concern in 2021.

Water pollution

 This issue has lingered for a long time despite the cruciality of water to human existence. Industrial waste-deposit and residential waste-dump into the ocean has had adverse effect on aqua-life as aquatic animals have continued to die in large numbers. Across the world, inordinate dumping of refuse into gutters and drainages; flow of pesticides and fertilizers into water bodies as a result of rain-wash; and sewage dumping have persisted. It’s effect on water quality is adverse too.

Air pollution

It is unimaginable that the air we breathe into our body has the potentiality to harm us. No matter how shocking this revelation is, it is nothing devoid of the truth. The reality is even far more devastating for occupants of major cities with huge population. Air contamination by big industries, cars and plant-exhaust is doing more harm than good to human health on daily basis. Although, advancement in technology and growth in industrialization is impressive, nevertheless, it is not without a cost.


Despite government regulations prohibiting deforestation, it is appalling that this heinous act against the environment has persevered. Apparently, it’s effect on food availability and sustenance of terrestrial animals has been detrimental.

Natural resources depletion

It should not be surprising that depletion in natural resources also made the list of sensitive environmental issues in 2021. The rate at which all of the non-renewable mineral materials such as crude oil, metals, zinc and others are plummeting is high. This accounts for why research has been on in developed countries for sustainable alternatives.

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