Hemp seed is a super food derived from the seeds of Cannabis sativa, the actual hemp plant. Hemp appears as small brown seeds rich in nutrients, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and protein. Hemp boasts of its nutty and mild flavor, which makes it easy to include in one’s diet.

If you are aiming to lose weight, then you will be glad to know that weight loss is one of the benefits promised by the use of hemp. It can do a lot of things that can support your weight loss journey – among which are:

Suppresses appetite

Hemp is good for weight loss for the reason that it has appetite-suppressing benefits. It is, therefore, a great solution if you intend to reduce your portion sizes and the number of times you snack every day. This seed is densely nutritious in the sense that adding around four tablespoons of it into your meals is enough to fight hunger pangs longer.

The same appetite-suppressing capabilities can also be expected from using just around one to two tablespoons of its oil variety. Fortunately, it is not that hard to incorporate hemp, especially its seeds, into your meals. It is chewy and nutty that you can easily add it to soups, porridge, smoothies, and pancakes, among many others.

Supplies your body with protein

Hemp also has high protein content, which allows it to contribute to reaching your target weight. The fact that it is rich in protein will also help you feel full longer, thereby lessening your cravings for unhealthy snacks and foods.

The total calorie content in hemp consists of over 25 percent high-quality protein. It is higher than the protein present in flaxseeds and chia seeds, making it more useful for those who are trying to lose weight.

Supports proper digestion

It is mainly because hemp contains high-quality fiber, which supports and guarantees a healthy digestive system. With the high fiber content in hemp and its ability to support proper digestion, losing weight will be easier.

The kind of fiber present in hemp seeds, especially if you leave their shells on, is insoluble, which contributes to regulating your blood sugar level. Insoluble fiber is also a big help in letting food pass through your digestive system rapidly. Aside from that, it easily gets rid of toxins and waste.

Offers a good supply of Omega fatty acids and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA)

GLA is essential for the body because it nourishes your cells and lessens inflammation. It can also supply your body with good fats that can help in burning off the excess and bad fats. It is the reason why hemp, which is high in it, is good for you.

Aside from that, GLA and the fatty acids present in hemp can help in the production of prostaglandin. It can activate your metabolism while speeding up the process of burning fat, allowing you to reach your target weight healthily and naturally.


Some of the positive effects of hemp seeds and hemp oil focus on helping you lose weight or maintain a healthy one. With its ability to boost your metabolism, build muscle, suppress your appetite, and speed up the fat-burning process, among many other benefits, it is safe to say that hemp is indeed good for weight loss.

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