Jens Baltrusch

Sport Scientist, Health Coach, Digital Marketing Manager

Jens Baltrusch
Talk of a man whose passion is fueled by the consciousness that people deserve to live healthily throughout their lifetime; and who has spared no effort in ensuring that the goal of holistic living is attained by all and sundry. Or Speak of a man who dedicated his time to study the fundamentals of Chinese traditions, martial arts and other therapeutic training methods for the purpose of helping every other man to live healthily – Jens Baltrusch is that man.

To his credit, Baltrusch is a renowned health coach, sport scientist and an astute digital marketer. He pioneered the creation of the Qiii Media Company, the mechanism which he uses to pursue his selfless goals on a daily basis.


Having being influenced by Asian philosophies which he picked up at a certain intellectual point in his life, Jens has remained unperturbed by the nuances of criticism that kick against the reality of holistic living.

He believes in holistic training which according to him is a systematic way of training individuals bearing in mind the prevailing differentials in spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. He believes in creating a holistic balance that would engender the realization of specific goals through training sessions that are safer, effective and sustainable.
In order to reflect his ideals in his business and embrace a far noble cause, he chose the brand name Qiii media with ‘iii’ representing movement, nutrition and meditation – the core of holistic training.

Jens is the proud writer of a groundbreaking e-book publication entitled ‘Spa Beach Workout’. The book entails everything you need to know about how to train your body, maintain a stable weight and effectively train people to workout at the beach.


Owing to his wealth of experience as a professional fitness coach over the years and his incredible academic knowledge, he can offer the following services:

Personal training

This kind of training often times produce faster results and is more intensive and rigorous. Jens properly understands the process, as such, he can conveniently serve as your personal trainer. Depending on what your fitness or dietary goals may be, he can be of enormous help.

Fitness workshop

For small or large groups interested in physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, Jens can aptly teach them. Group learning has its benefit too as it can foster healthy competition among learners.

Project management

For every project that falls within his line of duty, interest and passion, Jens is ever ready to take up such commitments and effectively handle the projects.

Spa Beach Workout

Spa Beach Workout” is one of my early ebook publications which I have updated for publishing on Instagram. Curious how to train with your body weight and few tools effectively on the beach?

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FAQ: Health Coaching

What is “Coaching“?

Coaching is a term for various types of counseling, supervision or training.

What is “Health Coaching“?

Health Coaching has the goal to enhance the fun of having healthy habits and to develop a healthy lifestyle by expanding the health-specific passion, knowledge and skills.

What is “Weightloss Coaching“?

Weightloss Coaching has the goal to teach you how to live more active and healthy, to reduce your body fat and to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

What are the benefits of Health Coaching?

Health Coaching helps you if you want to learn more about how to lead a healthy life. A health coach can help you learn more quickly and familiarize yourself with fitness training, nutrition issues, motivational techniques and effective weight loss methods.

What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?

  • You reduce your health risks
  • You increase your life energy
  • You can help your friends and family to live a healthier life
  • You will contribute to environmental protection

What are the benefits of “E-learning“?

E-learning means that you learn online, e.g. with an online course or content of an online magazine. Regarding Health Coaching, of-course E-Learning does not fully replace a personal coach, and that is not the intention. The intention is to make it easier for you to follow your training and learn about a healthy lifestyle, wherever you are, independently of time and location.

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