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Spa Beach Workout Gallery

FAQ: Spa Beach Workout

What is "Spa Beach Workout" about?

Spa Beach Workout is an outdoor fitness training system with bodyweight exercises and few training tools. The goal is to train mind and body effectively and to learn the basics of a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Spa Beach Workout?

If you do the workouts regularly, you will

  • improve your health and fitness
  • reduce health risks
  • get stronger
  • reduce body fat
  • improve your endurance
  • increase your body consciousness

and profit from many more positive effects.

Can you do this kind of workout only at the beach?

No, you can do Spa Beach Workouts anywhere. You learn how to train effectively with your own body and only few lightweight tools. This kind of training can be performed at home, in the hotel room, in the park or anywhere with enough space. You don`t need to do rope skipping, running or swimming in every workout. You can compose your workout flows depending on your environment and needs.

Which equipment do I need for a beach fitness workout?

You can compose the workouts according to your environment and needs. In some workouts you might need lightweight equipment such as a jumping rope, a yoga block or a strength band. But you also can do workouts without any tool and only with your bodyweight.