Juicing is definitely one of the best ways for you to supply your body with nutrients from the natural juices of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also a great way to improve your health without having to go through complex processes.

Here are a few reasons why juicing is good for you

  • Easy and quick to digest
  • Allows you to take in a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, even those you do not normally eat before
  • Provides nutrients that your body can easily absorb
  • Change your palette in such a way that you can open it up for healthier food options
  • Boosts your energy without overindulging on artificial and unhealthy sweets and caffeine

Most of the fresh juices you can produce are also very delicious, so you will definitely enjoy adding them to your diet. If you are interested in juicing, then here are some easy and effective ways to finally make it a part of your lifestyle:

Start small

Are you still a beginner at juicing? Then you don’t have to try complex routines and recipes right away. You can just start with one juice or two daily until you get used to the habit of making juicing your manner of eating. Once you become familiar with the routine, you can increase your intake of fresh and healthy juices based on what you think you can handle.

Drink fresh juices when your stomach is empty

Note that the ideal time for drinking fresh and healthy juices is when your stomach is still empty. As much as possible, it should be at least thirty minutes before a meal. The reason behind this is that this is the time when you are craving food, making your body and stomach absorb everything you consume.

By drinking nutritious and healthy juice, your body will, therefore, be able to absorb the nutrients quickly. It is also a great idea to drink most of your fruit juices in the morning. This is good as it provides your body with complex carbs for fueling your energy. Later in the day, prepare and consume juices that are not that sweet, like those made partly or completely of greens.

Add citrus

If you are worried about eating or drinking the juice of citrus fruits while your stomach is still empty because of their acidity, then you should stop your concern as they are generally safe. Despite their acidic taste, they are also alkaline-forming.

You just have to condition your stomach to consume juices made from fresh fruits and juices, so you will not experience any problems when you start to drink citrus juices. You will also love doing this as it allows your body to absorb more Vitamin C, which is good not only for your immunity but also for your skin.

Begin with fruits you love eating

You will also have an easier time incorporating juicing into your lifestyle if you begin with fruits that you love to eat. As much as possible, use common produce, specifically those that are easy on your stomach and mild and gentle on your tastebuds. Some examples are apples, watermelons, oranges, and carrots.

Once you are used to them, you can start preparing juices using other healthy ingredients. For instance, you can begin using green apples and carrots for your base then add other ingredients that can further improve the drink’s nutritional value and flavor.

Drink juice while still fresh

Remember that the juices are at risk of losing their nutritional value if you store them for a while before consuming them. You need to drink them right after preparing them. In this case, you may want to invest in a cold-pressed juicer, instead of the centrifugal model.

The reason is that the cold-pressed juicer can heat the produce prior to juice extraction. This can make the juices really fresh while ensuring that their nutrients are retained.

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