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The Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit native to tropical Southeast Asian countries and Southern China. The fruit and leaves of the Kaffir lime plant is a common ingredient in many Southeast Asian dishes, and its essential oil is also an ingredient in many perfumes.

Nutritional Facts

Just like many other citrus fruits, the Kaffir lime is chock full of Vitamin C. One serving of it can provide you with 22% of your recommended daily allowance of the vitamin. However, that is the only nutrient that comes in a significant amount in the kaffir lime.

Although the kaffir lime cannot provide much in terms of nutrition, it does have a lot of antioxidants. It helps protect your skin and hair from damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. Consuming kaffir limes can also improve the elasticity of your skin. Moreover, it can keep your skin moisturized.

A couple of great-tasting recipes with Kaffir lime in them are the following:

Kerabu Mangga Timun (Mango-Cucumber Salad)

In a small mixing bowl, combine the following ingredients for the dressing, one tablespoon Raw Spice Bar Kaffir Lime Blend (contains kaffir lime powder, turmeric, palm sugar, and red chilies), three garlic cloves (finely minced), an inch of fresh ginger (minced), the juice of two kaffir limes, and a teaspoon and a half of salt.

Whisk the ingredients vigorously while slowly drizzling a quarter cup of canola oil. Set aside. For the salad, slice the meat of two slightly unripe mangoes and two cucumbers into matchstick thin pieces. You can easily do it using a mandolin. After that, julienne two shallots and chiffonade two sprigs of fresh basil for garnish.

Toss the mangoes and cucumbers in the bowl with the dressing. Put in a serving dish, top with the basil, and drizzle with a bit of olive oil on top.

Thai Panang Curry

In a large pot over medium-high heat, mix half a can of coconut milk and three tablespoons of Panang curry paste (available in any Asian foods store). Stir until it starts to boil. Add the rest of the can of coconut milk, 500 grams of chicken breast cubed, three tablespoons of fish sauce, two tablespoons of palm sugar, a tablespoon of white sugar, the juice of two kaffir limes, and salt and white pepper to taste.

Lower the heat to a slow simmer and let it cook for 30-40 minutes or until the chicken is tender. Serve over a plate of steamed rice. Sprinkle roasted peanuts and a dash of kaffir lime juice on top.

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