Food Wiki – Kaffir Lime, Nutritional Value

The Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit native to tropical Southeast Asian countries and Southern China. The fruit and leaves of the Kaffir lime plant is a common ingredient in many Southeast Asian dishes, and its essential oil is also an ingredient in many perfumes.

Nutritional Facts

Just like many other citrus fruits, the Kaffir lime is chock full of Vitamin C. One serving of it can provide you with 22% of your recommended daily allowance of the vitamin. However, that is the only nutrient that comes in a significant amount in the kaffir lime.

Although the kaffir lime cannot provide much in terms of nutrition, it does have a lot of antioxidants. It helps protect your skin and hair from damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. Consuming kaffir limes can also improve the elasticity of your skin. Moreover, it can keep your skin moisturized.

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