How Can Peace Be Cultivated Worldwide?

Is world peace attainable? Many people would say that world peace is a pipe dream and that it is impossible to attain true peace in the world. Sadly, it is mostly true that true world peace is almost impossible because try as you might, no one can change human nature. However, if you stop trying to reach utopian levels of peace, and aim for a more reasonable target, the world can be somewhat peaceful.

Here are some of the ways that people can cultivate peace in the world:

Get Rid of Exclusionary Practices

When better education, job opportunities, healthcare, and others are only within the grasp of the elite few, conflicts are bound to arise. Ironically, access to justice only seems to be mostly for the rich nowadays. Governments should start treating their citizens equally. There should also be no stigma held against a certain group of people.

The mainstream media also has a part in exclusionary practices that divide people. Reporters should check their personal biases at the door and do not let their prejudices show in their reporting. These days, truly unbiased journalists are few and far in between. Most of them usually take sides and would turn their reports into “them vs us” propaganda.

Fair Wealth Distribution

According to a survey conducted by the World Bank, more than 40% of people who join rebellious groups did so because they have little to no access to economic opportunities. Sharing the wealth does not mean that the government will be taking all the money and redistributing it equally among all the citizens. This is communism and it never works.

Economic fairness is when all citizens have equal opportunities and access to public resources. There is fair taxation. It also prioritizes preventing tax evasion, all of which are keys to proper wealth distribution. This prevents the rich from getting an unfair advantage over the poor. It also gives the poor the chance to gain wealth.

Fix Intergenerational Gaps

Many conflicts usually stem from the youth of the nation revolting against the systems that were set up and run by the older generation. Some countries have strict age hierarchies where young people are not allowed to voice their opinions. On the other hand, the younger generation does sometimes tend to be brash and reckless in decision-making.

This intergenerational problem can be easily fixed using diplomacy. Both sides should be willing to listen to each other, not shoot down everything that the other has to say.

Start With Yourself

Peace starts within yourself. Even an ordinary citizen like you can make a difference. Learn to be more mindful and emphatic of the people around you. When you win, what would happen to the people who lose? Are the people around you receiving the respect they deserve? Make a personal decision on what happens to them.

You can start by having a calm and constructive conversation with a person you vehemently disagree with. Keep yourself from getting into a “them vs us” mentality. Take merits and demerits from both sides before weighing in with your opinion. If more people would choose the path of peace, then life would be so much easier.


Cultivating peace is never easy. It is almost impossible. However, even though there is only a small sliver of hope for world peace, we must grab onto it.

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