Peace is a difficult thing to define but you always seem to know when you are living in a peaceful neighborhood. You know that it is peaceful where you live when you always feel safe when walking outside even at night, and everyone looks out for each other. Peace sure is nice but it can also be taken away just as easily.

As a regular citizen, is there anything that you can do to defend peace? You might think that you need to be part of law enforcement to keep the peace but that is not necessarily the case.

Here are some of the things you can do to promote and sustain peace in your community.

Start with Yourself

Before you can influence others to change for the better, you need to start with yourself. You should reflect on yourself and figure out your forms of violence and do your best to fix them. For instance, are you the kind of petty neighbor who would passive-aggressively get back at your neighbor for the smallest issue? Instead of retaliating, be the better person and be kind.

If you have anger issues, which is why you tend to take revenge for the pettiest reasons, it is time to work on your problem. You can try meditating or engaging in activities that let you take out your anger so you do not bottle it inside.

Kill Them with Kindness

Do you know how you can effectively get rid of all your enemies? You end them using kindness. Even if you have bad neighbors, you should do your best to be kind to them regardless. For instance, if they like to play their music loudly, go over there and ask them nicely if they could tone the music down. Odds are, they do not even know their music is too loud. It will be even better if you bring cookies or something to show them that you do not have any ill will.

Be Charitable Whenever You Can

There is a story I read online about a guy who works in an inner-city deli. Every night, one of his tasks is to throw out the leftover stale bread and deli meats that are nearing their expiry date. At first, he would just take the extra food home, but after a while, he would make extra sandwiches from the leftovers and give them to the homeless people near the shop.

One night, as he was walking towards the bus station on his way to work, he was jumped by two men. Then, out of one of the dark alleys, he heard someone shout “Hey! Leave the sandwich man alone!”, and then a group of homeless guys started running towards the muggers.

The muggers were so startled that they dropped his bag and bolted away as fast as they could. One of the homeless men went up to the young man and asked him if he was okay. “Don’t worry sandwich man, we won’t let anyone bother you around here.”


Even small acts of kindness can have a large impact on your community. So, whenever you can, show some kindness to those who are in need. Promoting and defending the peace does not necessarily need to be a grand gesture that can affect your entire country or the world. You should start with your own home and community.