This might seem like a silly question but why do we need peace? If you live in a place that has been conflict-free for your entire life, then you are extremely lucky. Many parts of the world do not have the same luxury. In some places, just walking on the street is reason enough to get mugged.

The armed conflict currently going on in Ukraine caused many people to start rethinking their definition of peace. Many people who have taken peace for granted now have a newfound appreciation for it.

Here are some of the best reasons why we need peace:

War Affects the World Economy

Gas prices nowadays are skyrocketing, and if you think this will only affect the people who use their cars to get around, think again. What do you think the trucks that deliver your food run on? The farm equipment that plants and harvests the food you eat? They all run on gas. With gas prices continuously rising, there will be a point when food prices would rise as well.

Armed conflict will always affect gas prices, regardless of where it happens. Now, it is much worse right now because Russia is one of the world’s biggest oil producers. However, even if the armed conflict happened elsewhere, it will, in some way, affect oil prices.

War Hampers Economic Growth

War-torn countries experience extreme rates of inflation. For instance, when war broke out in Iraq, their currency suddenly became useless. They are not even worth the paper they were printed on. If there is a continuing armed conflict, like a civil war or economic siege, that country’s economy is crippled.

Imagine if your country was suddenly embroiled in its war. You can kiss your current living situation goodbye. You don’t even need to imagine anything. You just have to watch the news and you will see once well-to-do Ukrainians turned into refugees of war. It will take years before Ukraine can recover, and that’s if the war would stop right now, which seems very unlikely.

Military Solutions are Usually Not Enough

Let’s talk more about the Ukraine-Russia conflict. I am no foreign policy expert, but I know that full-scale war will not resolve anything. Even though Ukraine got the short end of the stick with this war, the Russian side is not having a good time with it as well.

Economic sanctions from other countries have made living in Russia less than ideal. Lots of multinational companies have already shuttered their Russian branches, and more are planning on doing so in the future. In this war, the citizens on both sides are the ones who are suffering.

I am not putting fault on either side of this conflict, but I do know that resorting to military solutions is not a good idea. Diplomacy might not be the easiest, but it does significantly less bloodshed. In addition, do you think that a forced military takeover would pacify the citizens? It would not take long before the citizens would take up arms to overthrow the installed government anyway.

Now, more than ever, people all over the world need peace. After more than two years of having to deal with a global pandemic, everyone needs a break. War is the last thing that is on everyone’s minds right now.