What is Qiii Media Holistic Living Magazine about?

Qiii Media is a holistic living magazine with focus on health, holistic training, Yoga, vegetarian food and environment. In traditional Chinese culture, qi is an active part of any living thing. Qi means breath, air, energy or life force. Qi is the central principle of all publication from Qiii Media and its online presence qiii.media.

Qiii Media is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a holistic health and wellness magazine that you can trust. With this magazine, you will be able to gather as much information about holistic living and health as possible. Each publication and article of our magazine has its focus on a specific holistic health topic. With the information you get from each publication, you will become more knowledgeable about holistic living. Here are just some of the topics covered in the various publications and articles of Qiii Media Magazine:


One of the main motivations of our magazine is developing a community which contributes to our publications and spreads the idea of living a healthy and holistic life. Like this we all can learn from each other, connect, share and help others to improve their emotional and psychological health. Learning and helping each other to gather knowledge about living a holistic life is a positive and strong motivation. A lack of social support and trust can affect various aspects of your health, including the immune system, sleep, and appetite. On the contrary, strong support and trust and positivity can help to improve lives.


With our magazine we want to spread a spark of positivity to motivate others to live a more healthy life. A positive attitude starts with thinking positive, creative and goal oriented. By reading Qiii Media Magazine you will discover many psychological topics,such as positive thinking, increasing motivation, the law of manifestation, and attraction, how your unconsciousness can help you to be successful and more. A positive and motivated way of thinking is a vital aspect of holistic living, especially if you consider how its magic can help you manifest what you truly want in your life. By reading our publications you will receive many tips on how to incorporate a can do attitude into your life and reach goals.

Mind-Body Balance

You can also make the most out of holistic living when understanding the importance of your mind-body balance. In Qiii Media Magazine you will be introduced to the importance of attaining the right balance between the body and mind. You will get to know more about how you can reconnect your mind and body and embrace positivity through it. The good thing about having proper mind-body balance and connection is that it can release all negativities, including pain. Qiii Media Magazine Magazine covers also the basics of making your mind and body equally fit.


The holistic living magazine Qiii Media, based on its countless articles and publications, can be considered as your ultimate guide in achieving better health in all aspects of your life. Apart from the mentioned publications, you will also learn about building confidence, improving mental health, overcoming anxiety and fear, practicing self-love, and releasing emotions, among many others. With all the information you can get, Qiii Media Magazine is indeed a bible towards developing better health and life.