With the many promised benefits of hemp, it is no longer surprising if you are one of those who are seriously thinking about taking full advantage of it. Whether it is hemp seed, hemp oil, or any other hemp-based product, learning how to use it correctly and maximize its positive effects should be one of your priorities.

If it is your first time to use hemp, then these tips might help you maximize its positive effects:

Use unrefined hemp oil

Go for the unrefined variety of hemp oil if you intend to use it to improve your skin. You can also choose to use those hemp oil-infused skin care products. Avoid the refined version as much as possible as it’s possible for its beneficial nutrients to be taken away from the oil already.

With that, it won’t be as effective in moisturizing and repairing your skin. To take full advantage of it, you can use this unrefined oil as a carrier if you dilute any essential oils you intend to put on your skin.

Incorporate hemp seeds into your diet

The best way to maximize the effects of hemp seeds is to make them a regular part of your diet. You can buy split, ground, or shelled seeds then remove their hard outer shells using a food processor or mortar and pestle.

You can also go for whole seeds that serve as bulking agents. They also increase the fiber content of your meal plans, supporting healthy digestion. The good thing about hemp seeds is that they are so versatile that making them a part of your regular diet is easy. You can sprinkle ground or whole seeds into your yogurt or cereal. You may also add them to your smoothies.

Other ways to use hemp seeds in preparing meals are including them in your baked goods, preparing homemade hemp milk, and making salad with hemp seeds sprinkled on top of them.

Include hemp oil in cooking

Aside from the hemp seeds, you will also be able to make hemp oil a part of your dish. However, make sure to avoid exposing it to too much heat once you decide to include it in your recipes. You need to use only a bit of heat as too much might strip off its beneficial nutrients.

Too much heat exposure might also cause the oil to alter the flavor or consistency of the final dish. When planning to use it in your recipes, keep in mind that the hemp oil’s profile is the same as olive oil. It means that aside from not being overpowering, the oil also boasts of its unique taste. With that, you can make it a part of your smoothies, pesto sauce, and salad dressing.

Use it when vaping

You can also take advantage of the positive effects of hemp by vaping e-juices infused in it. This tip is even healthier than smoking canna-cigarettes. It lets you inhale its vapor, which can instantly deliver the beneficial nutrients of hemp to your bloodstream. The vital compounds will penetrate your bloodstream right away, thereby allowing the results of hemp to manifest immediately.

Apart from the tips already mentioned, make sure to choose hemp products that are 100% organic. It should be pure and tested to be safe for use. By making sure that the hemp seed or oil you decided to use is safe, you will be able to make the most out of its potential to remedy a wide range of health conditions no matter how mild or serious they are.

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