Many people pay less attention to their mental health than to their physical fitness. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Depression, anxiety, stress and other problems that can place a heavy mental strain on people are very common. With a simple and popular activity, travelling in general, you can do something good for yourself and maintain your mental health preventively.

Travelling can have several positive effects on mental health, for example:

Increase creativity

The brain reacts sensitively to changes. New experiences and environments can influence the structure of the brain and thus creativity. In this sense, you can increase your creativity by making a change of place. Dealing with a new local culture can help to open your mind and take a new look at your life.

Stress reduction

Travelling to new places also allows you to escape the stress of everyday life. Even a short break with sufficient mental and spatial distance from the main source of your stress can help to reduce the stress and relax. If you don’t have time for longer trips, you can already benefit from a hotel stay in your region. This interrupts your usual routine and can change your mood for the better.

Own reinvention

When you discover a new place, you can also discover new things about yourself. Each of your journeys will broaden your mind and perspective, improve your awareness of the course of things and mentally open you to new experiences. You will be confronted with different experiences that will give you the opportunity to re-evaluate your values and principles. Reinventing yourself and your life can lead to better mental health.

Increasing the feeling of happiness

The positive effects of a journey are not only felt during and after the journey. You can also enjoy them when you think about your next planned trip. The anticipation of your next holiday gives you the opportunity to get away from your daily routine and get rid of the feeling of being trapped in the same old routines. This can help to increase your happiness, confidence and mood.

Strengthening mental resilience

Being in a new place can make you more resilient. It can strengthen you both emotionally and mentally. It can have a special learning effect when you travel alone. You get to know new people and have to face challenges alone in a place you don’t know. This allows you to move outside your comfort zone, which helps to develop patience, emotional strength and flexibility. These are all qualities that are important for improving your mental health.


Travelling is more than just being on the move and the creation of memories and offers the opportunity to relax both mentally and physically. This has a positive effect on health in general and mental health and can trigger additionally changes in one’s own life.

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