Caring for your mental health in the pandemic

Undeniably, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. The problem is that with the 2-year long global pandemic experienced by most countries, our mental health is also drastically affected. Even as we try to reclaim a bit of normalcy in our life, many still struggle with exhaustion, confusion, and fear brought on by the COVID-19 threat.

If you experience the same struggles, it’s time to prioritize your mental health. Here’s how you can care for your mental health and cope with struggles that are drastically affecting it due to the pandemic.

Supply your body with proper nutrients

There’s nothing more helpful for your mental health than improving your physical health and fitness. Eat highly nutritious foods regularly. This may sound like a really simple tip but it goes a long way when it comes to protecting your mind.

By supplying your body with sufficient nutrients, you will have sufficient energy for everything that you need to do. It also helps you think quickly and clearly while promoting better sleep. Combine this with at least 15 minutes of physical activity, too. This is good for coping with stress and improving your mental health.

Develop structure into your daily life

It would be best to start creating a daily schedule not only for you but also for the entire family. This is so you can just sense a feeling of normalcy. It can prevent feelings of uncertainty that may only increase your mental health symptoms.

If the threat of pandemic continues to affect your mental health, try limiting your time spent on listening to, reading, and watching the news. Gather information about COVID-19 from a reliable source, too.

As much as possible, spend more time on conversations and activities that are unrelated to the outbreak. This is so you can let your mind rest from possible sources of stress.

Get enough sleep

Another way to care for your mental health is to give yourself enough sleep. As a matter of fact, a vital part of self-care will always include looking at your bedtime as sacred. You may get tempted to spend more time finishing an episode of a show, playing online games, or checking your social media accounts at night

However, try to stop yourself from doing those activities that may only prevent you from enjoying a deep and peaceful sleep. Note that you need enough sleep to restore not only your body but also your mind. It also keeps you recharged upon waking up.

Develop a virtual support group

The goal for building this group is so you will have an outlet to check those who are around you. Fortunately, you now have several options for connecting, like video conferencing and Facetime.

Connect with your loved ones even virtually. You need this to avoid the mental strain brought on by being in isolation. You may also call and text your loved ones as a means of getting in touch. This kind of connection can definitely improve your mood.

Pause every now and then

This means mastering the art of pausing from time to time. It could be through deep breathing, mindfulness, or meditation. You need to pause for a while as this is the key in centering yourself back to the now, especially at a time when you are dealing with extreme stress and anxiety.

In this case, you can seek the help of mindfulness meditation apps to release your stress and tension. You can also do paced or diaphragmatic breathing. These breathing exercises work on increasing your intake of oxygen while relaxing your mind and body.


Probably, the most important tip when it comes to protecting your mental health during a pandemic is to ask for help when needed. If you are struggling with your mental health and have a hard time coping with the things that are happening in the world right now, seek professional help immediately. Remember that you are not alone and there will always be someone to help you if you need it.

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