With the further development of technology, the healthcare industry has also become more modern. Portable smart gadgets have made it easy to monitor your health. Here you’ll find a list of mobile smart health gadgets that can help you gather information about your current health status.


The PainPod is a device from the field of physiotherapy and can help in the relief of chronic muscle pain. This bioelectric technology influences various muscle functions via the nervous system and can therefore accelerate muscle regeneration and improve muscular performance. The areas of application are therapeutic treatments in rehabilitation, competitive sports and prevention.

Vessyl Cup

The Vessyl cup is not just an ordinary cup, but a smart gadget. It analyzes the liquids that are poured into it. This tells you what the liquid you are drinking contains. It’s a good investment for your health because you’re always informed about the nutritional values of the liquid, such as protein, caffeine, fat, calories and sugar. You can synchronize and analyze the results and data on your smartphone.


This portable device analyzes your environment for air quality, temperature, air pressure, noise, humidity and brightness. You can view and analyze this data and information from your smartphone. This allows you to make changes and improve the quality of your sleep at home or work at the office.

Fitbit Surge

This is one of the most popular fitness trackers currently available on the market. This touch screen watch monitors your sleep quality and your daily activity, such as the number of steps you take each day. In addition to the basic functions of a digital clock, the Tracker can also inform you about incoming text messages and calls.

Fitness trackers are generally a good investment for your health and fitness, as they inform you about your heart rate during all your activities, allowing you to estimate your training intensity. A GPS function also records the progress of your workout. All data is synchronized with an app on your smartphone or manufacturer account, so you can keep up with your activities and sleep at all times. A community function allows you to take part in weekly challenges. This can help you to stay active and achieve your training goals.

AliveCor Heart Monitor

With this mobile heart monitor, you can monitor your heart functions on the go and share information with your doctor when you need it. For example, recording relevant data can help your doctor better analyze and treat heart rhythm disorders.

Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

A “Smart Gluco-Monitoring System” measures the blood sugar level and displays the results on your mobile phone. With an appropriate app you can record the progress of your measurements, which you can pass on to your doctor.

Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device

This portable and intelligent device analyzes your breath and helps you collect information about your metabolism. It can analyze whether you are burning fats or carbohydrates, learning how to better reduce your body weight. The app recommends appropriate measures, such as participating in a Boot Camp workout or increasing the number of hours you sleep each day. The recommendations will help you improve your health.


Nowadays, almost anything relevant to your health can be monitored at the touch of a button on your smartphone. Smart mobile gadgets give you better control over your health by giving you lots of information on how to improve your health and well-being.

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